Monday, 24th February '03

The Grammy's

For the first time in my life I have the luxury of watching a whole awards show! When I was still in school I had to tape it and fast forward all the uninteresting bits so that I could finish my homework... how untterly pathetic. And hmm, I'm finding that awards shows aren't too bad after all.

I think the biggest impression I have of the Grammy's is how strange awards are. When a single artist is considered good, he / she will win BIG. Nothing ever goes by halves in this show. The reason that Norah Jones should walk away with more trophys than she can carry still eludes me. I guess I'm bugged this time becuase I see abolutely nothing _that_ outstanding about her. She's listenable enough, I suppose, but what makes her music that much more special? No huge breakthrough in terms of vocal strength, song content or stage presence, so what is it?

At least, I think Record of the Year should have gone to Nickelback, if only for the fact that it had lyrics that made me scratch my head and think a bit. And Best Newcomer should have gone to John Mayer. But I wouldn't like him to be under the curse of that award, though. Oh well.

And there were the performances. Again, John Mayer rocks! I'm no guitar guru, but I certainly think he's proved himself worthy of being among the music greats. And he had to go and confess that he's only 16, which brings me back to wondering what the heck I've done with my life. *sigh* Avril Lavigne: it's amazing how someone can sound so different live and on the record. I do like her CD, but I'm never going to watch another live performance. It's entirely too painful. And what happened to Eminem? 8 mile was such a blast and I've enjoyed all his other live performances. This one just somehow seemed a little lack-luster. Nsync doing the Bee Gees? I'm still amused that Qiong's mom was impressed.

The real highlight had to be the New York Philharmonic and Coldplay. Still, I kept worrying that Martin was going to go into an epileptic fit right then and there. I was watching this on TV mobile and it was all I could do to keep from sliding down in my seat. But boy, did you catch the emotion in that performance?

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