Saturday, 15th March '03

Disney on Ice Jungle Adventures

One word. WOW. This was the best Disney on Ice I've seen since that Scrooge McDuck one that I watched in Primary School. And Limin and I had fantastic, ninth row seats!

I have to digress a little and comment on Singapore's terrible TERRIBLE attitude to show watching. Nevermind that latecomers waltz in like they own the place - they refuse to sit down. The lot in front of me kept switching positions till they were happy, which meant that everyone behind them trying to watch the show had to keep swaying like lalang plants in the wind. And then they insist on propping their babies on their shoulders so that they can have a better view, while everyone else behind continues swaying. Let me remind you that babies get free admission and everyone behind pays. And they see a need to keep up a running commentary even when the chracters are talking. Like "Look at that! It's Tarzan! He jumped! How good!". Hello, Captain Obvious.
Tarzan and Jane performing a lift

Boy, am I glad I got that off my chest. Other than that, it was a fantastic show. I can now happily add "get cast as a chorus member in Disney On Ice" to the list of things I must do before I turn 30. Amazing, but this is one time I can agree and rave together with Babs. Just let me land a double flip and I'll be all set. =) Great costumes, themes, sets and symbolism. The part where Simba's Dad got killed in a stampede was shown with just a huge piece of cloth and 5 skaters. And it still made me shiver. Beautiful.

It is a pity, though, that the actual skating was somewhat dismal at times. There was only ONE precious double axel (Tarzan I think) in the whole show, and Mowgli's and his girlfriend's double lutzs were horribly wrapped and crooked. But who am I to judge? I keep flutzing my own lutz. Wonder why they didn't subsitute flips - hardly anyone in the audience would have noticed, and they're so much easier. Tarzan and Jane, and Simba and Nala were great still... (Completely useless factoid: Limin kept drooling over Tarzen in his loincloth. But alright, hot bod would have been putting it mildly, especially when we were sitting so close.And it was so funny when Tarzan rescued Jane from *attention Ocomm boys* a treeful of BABOONS!!! *rotfl*) Both pairs had pretty good lifts but there was only one throw jump. Might have been a double loop (my memory fails me). Still, I have realized that nothing makes for better pair skating music than love ballads. From now on, "You'll Be In My Heart" and "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" will give me warm fuzzies.

The biggest crowd pleaser must have been Tarzan and Jane's Spanish rope climb. The lights went out and a single spotlight came on. And they did all the stunts with their skates on. At one point Jane's blade came within a hair's breath of Tarzan's head. I honestly thought she was going to brain him with her toepick! I can't quite describe it, but it's one of those things you'll actually have to watch to get the full effect.

Another thing I have to mention were the VULTURES. Limin and I were laughing ourselves silly when they started to sing boyband songs... *chuckle* It _is_ true, Disney On Ice caters to everyone...

All in all, great show! I'm so going again next year... Beauty and the Beast! Anyone coming?

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