Wednesday, 2nd April '03

The Big 19

It was my 19th birthday today, and Ben, Babs, Heng and Bert came over for breakfast. It was quite funny, really, coz all I had over were four people but my cousin Michelle smsed to comment on the "commotion" she heard coming from the kitchen. Haha... testimony to the loudness of councillors. So I told her it was probably just our horror at Dage's preposterous pancake batter stirring skills. The funniest part was when she came back with "Yeah, I distinctly heard someone go 'Henghwa!' very loudly..." *rotfl*

Wow, I love cooking for 21st... they always make me feel like I did a good job. Even if my pancakes didn't quite look the right colour. Limin ate three eggs... and Heng ate like four... everyone else had the normal two. Then we bummed around my room... dicussing everything from the effects of subliminal messages to the evils of ripping Wang Li Hong CDs.

Must also thank Ben for the present! Stayed up to 3 am for it somemore! *schniffle* That's my cheer squad. It was one of those Einstein pillow cases that had "tomorrow will be too late" printed on it. Perfect for a procrastinator like me. I also got a "Chickee" cushion case. *sigh* Thanks, huh...

After that we went to Swenson's at parkway for lunch. And traumatized the poor waitress by asking to choose our ice cream flavours. Strange, isn't that normal practice? And Bert had to go and ask her why she looked so surprised. Let it be lah, bro.

And since Babs, Bert and I had nothing better to do, we went to Pacific Coffee Club to bum. Yeah, Limin than satisfied her tiramisu craving, but had the nerve to complain there wasn't enough alcohol. Note to self: that girl is an alcoholic. Must get her some help. Oh, wait, she resents the term "alcoholic". She prefers "bloody drunkard".

When we finally left, Limin had to get to work and I brought my littlest bro on his first trip to the library. Heh. Marine Parade Library is so much fun, and the children's section is wonderfully interactive. I had such a good time. =P

Oh one last thing... thanks to all those who remembered my special day, namely Qiong, Tzo, Ningz, Zhihui, Kai, Alex, Jov and Mich. *hug*

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