Thursday, 3rd April '03

Cheap Seafood!

First time out with 3C since Hari Raya. Pity that sars has made it such that lots of people are under parental-enforced house arrest. That includes yours truly, although I am sometimes able to do a little wheedling... *grin*

So we all trooped off to "Gold Coast Seafood Restaurant" (I think that was it's name) and ordered very sparingly. Haha, I think we were all terrified of having to pay by doing the dishes. We got pretty good value for money, sweet and sour pork, pepper crab, eefu noodles, fried rice, kangkong, chicken... a lot of dishes lah. By the end of the day, Jack, Keith and I were speculating on the amount we'd each have to pay... turns out it was only $12.60. Happiness. =)

Other than the food we had some fun updating each other on our lives... especially the folks working at TTSH who now had some time off. And that accounts for about half the Singaporean girls. Other interesting updates: Jack's working with top-secret classified army stuff (fwaahh), Joo passed driving (yay, can take me for a spin one day!), Binbin's teaching kidnergarden (is it stressful?). Boon and Kim are taking their driving tests soon - good! Lots of people to catch lifts from. Heh heh...

We should have another outing soon. AFTER SARS. *sigh*

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