Saturday, 5th April '03

Smub Dinner

Today was a good day for my palate. After a prawn noodle and ngoh hiang lunch with Mom and Dad, I met up with Smub and we went for dinner at Coffee Club Takashimaya.

It was actually pretty darn amazing that we all managed to make it. It's been so hard lately, what with the guys at NS and the girls working. I suppose the only good thing about the Sars incident is that Limin got to stop working of a while and Gnet got laid off from Tan Tock Seng, right at the same time as the boys got they block leave. We had a really great time talking about our lives so far, the various guys' postings, and updating each other on our plans for uni. Gnet was mad about people who suddenly put in medicine as top choice without having any real feeling for the profession and the committment. I have to agree, especially since Mom works at TTSH and her talk of nurses who take MC and try to avoid going to work because of Sars really makes me feel sick. If you get into a profession as noble as this one, you have to stick it out. If not, make way for others who want to give it their all.

Coffee Club food is good! I had my usual iced passion tea and that was good (though I prefer smaller ice cubes like at Coffee Club Changi). Main course for me was a pesto walnut chicken salad. I'm not usually a salad sort, but this was yum. *satisfied* I even ate the capsicum! I'm so proud of me. Later we left and had the coffee cake Bert bought on my birthday - thanks bro! It was good, a little thick on cream, but that's what makes it look neat on the outside.

I think the best part of the evening was Limin's present for us. I'm devoting a whole paragraph to it so she knows just how much I appreciate it. She made us each a plate in our Smub colour: green for Bert, pink for Strawberry, orange for Heng and blue for me. Each was painted in speckled paint, two different shades around the rim and in the middle. The part separating the rim and the middle had another band of the Smub colour, and each of us had a unique smurf handpainted on. Mine was an energetic blond smurf (she wanted to match my hair of old, but it's brown now) wearing skates with two yellow stars on them.It's darling. Bert had a sleeping smuf in a green baby jumpsuit and it said "miss me 'coz I'll be late". Perfect. Heng had a little Tarzan-like smurf, leaves covering his smurfy turban and clad only in a green loincloth. He's pounding his chest and looks very... Dage-ish. Only Heng thinks he looks like he's wearing a diaper. *rotfl* The cutest one of all went to Gnet. It has this little ACBC (act cute buay cute, for the ill informed) smurf standing arms akimbo and wearing a little pink sun dress. It has a strawberry motif on its shoes and it's smurf turban says "I love Strawberry". It is just too cute for words. The only problem with the set of plates is that silly Babs forgot to make one for herself. Which means Strawberry and I have to go down to Tanglin Mall one day and paint it for her. If Dage pays, that is. =)

Poor Heng was sick and for the first time since I have known him, he had to listen to him Mom and go home early. The rest of us had to help satisfy Gnet and Babs MSing. Erm, MSing means it's a girl's time of the month and therefore the world turns upside down. Today this meant that both of them were eating like bottomless pits. Even Gnet. Wonders will never cease. Between the two of them, they ate:

* 1 pasta bolognaise
* 1 country pot pie
* 1 ceasar's salad
* 4 slices of coffee cake (ok, 3.5, Bert ate one half)
* 2 seven dollar plates of salmon sashimi
* 1 bowl of salted green pea pods
* 1 plate of sake (salmon sashimi sushi)
* 1 miso soup
* 1 chawan mushi

Boy, oh boy. The power of girls in period.

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