Wednesday, 9th April '03

What Do Footballers and Psycho Killers Have In Common?

Nothing much, really. Just that I watched the Real Madrid vs Manchester United match and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on the same day. Haha, gotcha there.

I can't really comment on the soccer match... because I know zilch about soccer. Actually I just watched it because Dad decided to take a day's leave today (the match was at 2.45am Singapore Time) to watch and I thought it'd be fun to have another father-daughter bonding session. Read: this usually entails sitting on the couch in the middle of the night / morning, chomping chips, deliberately mispronouncing players' names (like "Beck-HAM", "skoh-LEES"), complaining that Barthez was a loser, laughing at Ronaldo's superb acting skills (he should go to Hollywood! The whole Brazillian team should), yelling "GOAL" loud enough to wake the neighbours (but not my poor deaf doggie) and commeting on the "wooden state" / kayu-ness of the referee. It was fun, but it totally ruined what was left of my biological clock.

And I finally found the Psycho DVD!!! *dances in joy* Best Denki in Parkway Parade... one stop centre for old classics... =) I guess I can't rave or rant much about Psycho. It was exactly what I expected. Not too much kick, since I read the script a year ago and the whole point of the show was the twist at the end. I knew exactly what would happen. *sigh* The infamous shower -scene was still macabre, of course, but I could hardly expect to be terrified out of my wits, having watched Scream, Freddy Kreuger etc.. Still I can appreciate that the audiences of that day must have had a real treat, and the film's use of sound / silence and it's acting is still plenty to learn from.

What else? Broadband starts tomorrow! *swoon* And I got a free wireless mouse! Starbucks called too. Life is getting slightly better.

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