Friday, 18th April '03

Puddle, Puddle And Puddle Somemore

Today the whole Smub Club plus a very minor shareholder, Luk, trooped off to Limin's house for a day of R&R. And boy, did we really R&R. But I'll come to that later.

First impression of Limin's place: it's a very nice, cosy house! It's the kind of lived-in house that (yes, Babs) makes you feel very heart-warmed. You can feel the presence of the family in there, and the schizophrenia of a place with a stable Chinese culture (zodiac animals on the walls, koi in the fountain) mixed with Singpore's pseudo-western paraphenalia (Blue CDs, McDonald's toys, tiramisu), and technology (LCD screens and Cable) with tradition (sweet-potatoe porridge). No pretentiousness of showroom-shined table tops or anything like that. Just a good, happy home.

Babs' room is the ultimate puddle ground. Low bed in the corner, dim yellow lighting, stacks of dog-eared romance novels, dusty softtoys (and everything else. AAAACCCHHOOOO!), Fukoo Masu something-or-other music tinkling in the background - the works. But before we really made a complete waste of the afternoon, we had B&B. Breakfast and Basketball.

I think continental family breakfasts are becoming a staple in the Smub lifestyle. Thanks to Limin's shopping, we had scrambled eggs, pancakes, ham, bacon and tea (or coffee for Bert). Yup, we made lots of noise and tore up the kitchen again (cf "The Big 19") and thankfully Limin doesn't have any observant cousins living above. No major accidents this time, probably becuase Dage sat out in the living soom studying and Lucas isn't half bad a pancake mixer / fryer. Two words: HENGHWA, LEARN. When it was time to eat, who walks in but the late-as-usual Strawberry, we take photos just to remember this cheerful little occasion and eat. Just like a real family, we talk, insult each other, ask "how was your day?" and fight over the TV program to watch. First we watched the Boitano skating special and I explain axels to the guys (who actually understand!) and then Gnet insists on watching Gepetto. Bert later mucks around with the remote control and pisses of Gnet and Limz who are watching some Jap singing show. Meanwhile I give up trying to pay attention to the Roswell rerun on cable.

On to the ultimate Smub sporting event - basketball at the community centre. Today is the day I feel much less suaku than usual. Dear ol' Babs has no idea when the community centre opens... forgets the shortest way there... and after a roundabout walk we have to squeeze though broken bars to get in. After we shimmy in through a pretty tight fit for everyone except Gnet, we see a huge gaping hole that we could have simply waltzed though. *beepity beep* The bball game is as per normal, good shots, fluke shots, guys trying to act cool and failing miserably.

Then it's back to the house for a bath, G and H run off to meet M and J (both fronts are very well, haha) and Luk gets into quite an embarrassing situation involving a lack of toilet paper in Limin's bro's loo. Everyone is laughing so hard I can hear them from Limin's toilet, where I am safely shielded from the mounting insanity outside. I have a strange feeling of deja vu, and realize the exact same thing happened to Eugene at Swensons. *chuckle*

After that we have a wonderful lunch courtesy of Limin's parents, and proceed to break world records in puddlehood. We loaf around Lim's bed, dripping into unrecognizable amorphous forms... we have a great time redefining the name "Brandon". (which, by the way, can now be used wherever you place a noun. Like: "Brandon! Stop lying on the Brandon! Do you want Brandon to come in here and turn you into a Brandon?") This is ALL Babs' fault, for she insists on calling her computers, boombox and diaries Brandon. We just helped her take it to a whole new level. We play bridge and I keep winding up paired with Bert who makes ridiculous bids, calls me as a partner and leaves me to do all the thinking.

We chomp down a huge pan of Limin's delicious tiramisu and then we have to go home for dinner (which we have probably spolit with that tiramisu). It has been a good day, if totally unproductive. Thus the musing for today is as follows: it's amazing, isn't it, how doing absolutely nothing with a bunch of people who mean everything can make you feel like you've really gained something!

Just in the interest of telling the whole truth, I go home and fall ill. I sneeze and sneeze the night away and Mum bans me from dance tomorrow. Head feels kinda swollen and wolly and I worry about SARS. Once I'm done putting together the package for the MOE, I fall into bed and... well... evaporate.

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