Wednesday, 30th April '03

Brother's Birthday

Heh, I'm going to be lazy and refer you to Limin's journal on this subject. It's just too long to type out all the details, and since she *quotes Tzo* "blogs like a madwoman", it's pretty darn accurate. So here I am musing on certain issues that struck me then.

I'm just going to start by saying that this is the first birthday party (since my own kiddy ones) that I have put this much effort into. Going shopping, carrying shopping bags back on the MRT, chopping one mother-of-all-onions (I just cut it into two and started sniffling immediately. And I can't get the onion stench off my hands... not even perfumed soap works). But I do think it was well worth it, not just because Bert seemed really pleased, but because it gave me this nice sense of family. Haha, Babs and I aren't the Erjie and Dajie for nothing... and even little Strawberry 2 helped. The food was an optional thing, more important was the idea of us all working together to make something for people we cared about, and knowing that that all these people would appreciate our efforts even if the Cabonara was tasteless of the chicken tough as leather (neither of which happened). And all the preperation seemed so WORTH IT when I stood back and looked at the family all sitting there laughing and chatting and fighting and diaoing and just being... well... family.

And so here I am trying to fix some memories in my mind... of Gnet and her marinade and discovering the shortage of soya sauce... of the little blue scoops she painstakingly used (I would never do that, way too lazy)... of Lucas' furrowed brow as he HACKED the salmon into pieces... of Limin fighting to cut the salmon and ending up palming the job off to Luk... of Babs' face when I wiped her "clean" pot with a tissue and discovered EXACTLY how clean it was (the tissue turned the same as one used to wipe the CCAD room shelves might)... of my darling pasta sauces... of us watching the Bachelor and having to constantly remind Andre that Brooke and Helene were two different people... of Lucas' monster blueberry cake... of the fun I had with those soccer figures... of Gnet's plonking Happy Birthday on the piano... of Gnet's WHINGING that no one was eating her chicken... of Luk's and Dre's TREACHERY... of the multiple heart attacks we had sitting in the living room and hearing Andre and Lucas clanking bowls around... of not going to watch Xmen and trooping off to Gnet's.

Speaking of which, it's surprising how knowing someone can change your perception of their family members. Still remember how shocked Limin and Heng were when they were finally given a lift from Sun Yanzi... hah... they were talking about it for days. But after hearing our dear Strawberry grumble and grouch, we were like "what superstar... she's just Gnet's big sis...". So much so that when I wound up staying the night at Gnet's and Sun Yanzi kept popping into the room to search for clothes / bang things around, I couldn't offer anything more than an unenthusiastic "Hi...". Maybe I was just too sleepy lah, but Yaoch sure was excited to hear of this encounter. Oh well, I can say I slept in a big singer's bed... not too bad... =) Still feel mildly guilty for robbing her of her room, though.

I can't quite think of a better way to end this, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bert and all the other April babies... I can't help but note that no presents were given this year ('cept for Ben's... Thanks) but we all shared so much more in just giving each other a portion of our time and love - which is, needless to say, the greatest gift of all! And I loved the way we all expected nothing but just that... and we each knew it. No one even considered traditional gifts, right? *is happy*

Now for one of En Ying's typical pop song quotations for all the family:

You are incredible
You are amazing
That's what I meant to say...
-Darius Danesh-

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