Thursday, 1st May '03

Feldspar, Mica and... Clay

Boy, would Gomez be proud of me for thinking up that last title. But this, as astute readers would probably have guessed, has absolutely naught to do with geology, topology or edaphic factors (see, I HAVE retained SOMETHING). It has more to do with the latest episode of American Idol. Clay. Picture from

This has been the best episode I've seen so far - alright, I DO miss Edgar Nova and Keith - and it probably has something to do with Carmen's departure. *hi-fives Lucas* Now we can concentrate on people who can really sing and aren't an obvious notch lower than the rest of the contestants. But I guess she deserves _some_ credit. It can't be easy doing her thang, dawg, in front of all and sundry (including Simon). She probably sings better than me too, come to that.

But the real point of today's special mention (which is fast turning into a pointless random rambling) is my realization that CLAY IS UNBEATABLE. He's the only one who hasn't been hauled down to stage to stand next to Ryan Seacrest yet, which must account for something, and between his ability to pull off Broadway styles, power ballads and even fast numbers and him oozing what Mum calls "nice boy" charm, he's got it made! The only competitor that even comes close is Rooooben and, well, he's just too boring. When Clay's album comes out I WILL buy it, and that's saying something since with my broadband and CD-R, I haven't purchased a CD since November last year. Now if only Neil Sedaka really produces it. =)

P.S. That there picture on the right is fantastic! Wonder who the phtographer is...

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