Friday, 9th May '03

Got Canned Heat In My Heels Tonight, Baby! Part I

I have to start off by commenting on what a RIDICULOUS phrase that is up there. Canned Heat? What in the world is that? In my heels? *slaps forehead*. But I guess any dancer will understand the meaning of it... it's that moment when you just cast everything aside and shake what you got... (but if you have hips like Clay Aiken then don't bother) when "there's nothing for [you] to do but DANCE!"... yada yada...

So once again it's dance night, and the past few days have been rehearsal after rehearsal, getting panicky and pissed, developing blistered feet and smelly costumes. Gah. The joys of performing.

It's not that I don't like to dance. I think it's nice enough a pastime and coming together with a bunch of people to put together a performance that both educates and entertains an audience is something I wouldn't mind doing for the rest of my life. But those poetic voice overs - "dance makes me feel alive" / "when I go on stage I forget myself" / "the world stops and all i feel is the dance". Like, HA! Don't joke lah. That may be true for a very small group of people, but don't tell me everyone really feels like that beacause I certainly don't! Dancing in the privacy of my room, yes, mass dancing at openhouse, maybe. Oh but not dance night, oh no. Not while worrying about my position relative to everyone else's, counting, taking care not to step out off the light. Forget yourself for just one moment and you could just screw everything up. Alertness is the key, dudes. And making me feel alive... that must explain why I knockout after every dance night...

Ok, gotta go, have to buy pins and elastic and hair stuff... to be continued...

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