Saturday, 10th May '03

TFYE... I Can't Think Of A Better Name

This journal entry is dreadfully overdue. I've been putting it off for days and days just beacuse I simply cannot feel inspired to write about the session. Not that it was a boring or useless one - such never happens since the rest of the gang's incredible to hang out with and Serena's sheer force of personality will drag us through no matter what. It's was just one of those days where En Ying was feeling extrodinarily sian. Maybe a Dance Night hangover.

Warm ups were a little mild today. Typical pre-PE like stretching, and that "do a movement into the circle and back out again, someone substitute and KEEP THE ENERGY" activity. That was just that. I couldn't muster up enough energy *yawn* and substituition was a little sluggish. *frustration*

It got a little better at the "substituted acting" activity. In this one two people start to create a scene and at any point where someone in the audience thinks the chain of events can be taken in a drastically different direction, he/she yells "freeze!" and the actors comply. The "freezer" then takes the position of a "freezee" of choice and starts the new scene. Again a little disappointing for me because my situations kept getting a little out of hand - especially since I hate improvisation. *grumble* Let me repeat that: I HATE IMPROVISATION. Alright, now that I've vented, I think I just need to learn to go-with-the-flow more... focus (strangely hard to do that day)... and STOP REJECTING. Stop panicking when twists occur. Don't turn it all into a joke. See how I can make it work for me. Think fast, don't close up. Focus, focus, focus. Step out of comfort zone. Roll with it, girl. Every week I think this and when I think I'm getting better... I lose it right after. ARGH!!!

The next thing was what I'd call the "three line meeting". We'd each "meet up" with a partner (Beck and I) and, between us, have three lines to establish a relationship. That was fun! =) All kinds of strange things popped up and personally, it felt a little better than the previous activity. Guess I got a little more relaxed.

This week we also started to think ahead for next year's M1 Youth Connection... and the theme had to be "Love and Acceptance". Ho-hum. Not my ideal choice, but in working on stuff like this for so long, I've come to realize it's what you make of it that counts. Something like this sound awfully stuffy and it'd be the easiest thing in the world to come up with a story of a poor, ostracized geek who is latter accepted a la "Never Been Kissed" or "The Ugly Duckling". But I know this group can take it to a higher level... if they stop thinking of sex (FIT!) or Karma Sutra (KRYSTAL!). If you don't know what I'm talking about then it's better to stay that way.

So we had a little brainstorming and pseudo mind-mapping and tossed out this huge bunch of words that we recorded on a butcher sheet and tacked to the wall. What becomes of this remains to be seen. I hope we get to be involved in the playwriting... I'm dying to try that... and it'd be really cool to work with Haresh Sharma or someone like that... =)

So that was about it. OH! Have to mention we have two new entries today. Chris and Natasha, 21 and 15 respectively. Ahh. At last another person older than me. Heh. Both seem to be really friendly and enthusiastic so things are going to be great! The studio's getting crowded, though. *grin*

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