Wednesday, 14th May '03

She Who Holds The Red Pen... a very frustrated tuition teacher. That's right. I have a job! =) Yeeha!

After my first lesson I came to the conclusion that I was a really good kid in the days when I was taking tuition. This little fella I have now _is_ pretty lovable in a way, but getting him to stop telling me stories about school and actually listen to me teach him is... difficult to say the least. *argh* And when I try to give him work to do... I spend five minutes convincing him to do two minutes of work. Then I feel guilty that I can never cover all I want to do with him, and wind up staying fifteen minutes longer than intended. I'm running a losing business here. A child advocate indeed.

His school teacher evidently sucks. His English teacher, I mean. How do you teach a bunch of Primary Six, about-to-take-the-PSLE-in-six-months kids English without "Revised Primary English". Anybody who's anybody knows you need to mug all those word lists (he-bear, she-bear, cub... birds live in an aviary...) like a mad thing. This boy has not TOUCHED his RPE and can't tell the difference between plural and singular. Gah. And was I amused when the little guy asked me if I hated a certain "Will-LUM SHASH-pear". He looked a little disappointed when I said I didn't, and in fact liked the old baldie. I cheered him up a little by telling him Shakespeare was really good at dirty jokes... *chortle*. And why did he ask my that question? 'Coz his SCHOOL TEACHER told him he would hate Shakespeare in secondary school. Way to go, man. Destroy the kid's love for Literature before he even knows what it's about.

So there I was, seething away as I tried to explain confusing word groups to the kid... his attention span is SO short I was on the verge of going "Shaddup, do your work" a bout a zillion times in the hour. He wouldn't even stop talking long enough for me to mark his homework... *scream*. He was driving me nuts. Like cashews, almonds and ground. Nuts.

But at the end of it all, I realize I do enjoy teaching. It was that one moment, after an agonising twenty minutes of stacking boxes and tissue packets and staple bullets, drawing, calculating, explaining and then doing it all over again, when the kid said "Orh... I getit... so easy...". That moment when a huge smile spread across his face and he understood. It somehow made all that s*** earlier worth it. All that time when I was about to kick his scrawny inattentive ass to Timbuckto. Reminds me of the time Dr Chan once said he spent all his teaching time looking for that "ahh..." look on his students' faces. Now I know.

Although I still couldn't resist answering the poor boy with "So easy then why didn't you know it earlier???". Go me.

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