Friday, 16th May '03

Shopped Till I Dropped

Big day today... big exhausting, unfruitful day. Except from being really glad to spend so much time with a friend JUST to look for pleasing items to buy and just bum around, my usual shopping grouses come into play. I just can't find anything to buy. Or anything that falls under the "fit me" and "fit my wallet" criteria simultaneously. So my booty for the day was nothing more than some cheap nail polish and a couple of assesment books for the kid. Joo had a much better haul... heh. She's not allowed to spend for the next few days... =)

Joo is the best shopping partner! *grin* She doesn't nag if I take too long or am too fussy... we both look for the same kinda things and have the same amount of free time... Like Bill and Ted would say: "EXCELLENT!" *dopey grin*

I have to recall this particular incident for the benefit of the 21st... we went shopping at a drugstore cause Joo wanted to dye her hair. And she revealed that she had tried it previously with dismal results. Sound familiar? Well I, of course, asked what kind of lousy hair dye she used. Boy, I wasn't counting on her pointing a particular bottle of L'Oreal 3D Colour. You guessed it Smub. SILKY APRICOT!!! *lmao* Maybe it's not just Bab's fault, lah. Maybe the stuff really is inferior.

Joo and I have finished checking out various places to learn Hip Hop... so we start on Friday! Finally! *is happy*

Now if i can get someone to take drums with me...

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