Saturday, 24th May '03

Upside Down and Round About

So we began with our usual dwadling. Are we TfYE-ers good at that or what? And then came a recap of everything we did last week. Apparently killing ourselves wasn't the big highlight of the day. DIRECTION was. As the Jap (and Yaoquan) say: Ah-SO des *something*.

I'd like to do this in some sort of chronological order, but let me get the biggest news out of the way first. I did a handstand! How cool is that? Even if it was up against the wall! I promise, this is the ultimate way to get high. At least Tasha and I seem to agree on this. The rush of blood to the head is, like Bill and Ted would say, "WOAH! Excellent..."

Back to the beginning. Today's session focused on contact movement. As the name implies, this involves a good deal of leaning on someone else (hello Weiling!) and, well, trusting that she wasn't going to let me fall flat on my face. Being a movement workshop makes this session a pain to transcribe into a journal, so here's what we did, intruction manual style. Err. Sorta.

Piggyback Banmian

A stands behind B and flops over B's back, right arm thrown over B's right shoulder. A just relaxes as B leans forward and moves into a crawl. A tries to just let B take care of everything a just lies there like a sac of potatoes. B is eventually in the "table" position and A moves, all the while with torso still touching B's back, so that A is perpendicular to and just flopping over B. B does a kind of controlled lowering of the body to the floor and then rolls towards A's head. A is rolled off like a sheet of banmian. Alternatively, B stays in a "table" position and A does a forward roll off B's back.
Back-to-Back Stand Up and Sit Down

Don't link arms like in the orientation game. Just lean into each other and do it.

Side-by-Side Sit Down, Lie Down and Get Up

Exactly as above, just start by standing up and A and B lean into each other sideways. Use the equal and opposite reaction from the partner to do everything together very slowly.

This is gosh-awful to perform. A and B hold right hands in a gymnast grip. Both stagger backwards letting their weight and CG move before their feet. What results is a kinda drunken looking merry-go-round. A stays standing and B sinks slowly to the ground almost like in a reversed pair skating death-spiral. Eventually B curls up on his back (really curl, and it's hard to hold when dizziness and centripetal force take their toll) and A spins B round, reverses it once, and almost immediately again so that B is yanked to his feet towards A. This should've looked cool when executed well - if anyone could.

Then we did some choreo work using the stuff from last week and this week. That's it.

Oh, and some of the Birthday Madness to celebrate Bec's entering the world:

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