Saturday, 31st May '03

Laban And The Like

More movement. I guess I like movement class because I'm a physical person and have dance background. I don't like choreo, especially without a purpose and without music. I feel like an idiot just prancing around like a frog on ecstacy. But it beats improvisation work, and I don't come back with my brain fried. All the same, I'm beginning to look forward to a change and starting to work on our first showing. It's not Jeff's fault, I'm just not famous for the length of my attention span.

Warm up as per normal, stretching, low-level movement, and rolling around like flaccid Michelin tyres.

Directions, Contact Movement, and now the Energies of Movement. This might be a good time to introduce Laban. Rudolph Laban is to movement (so it seems) what Isaac Newton is to Physics. In every sense of that analogy. He took something natural and omnipresent and tried to qualify / quantify it and describe it in a non-ambiguous way. Like Newton, I love him and hate him. Alright, I can't say I love Newton, but modern life wouldn't be what it is without him and his unfortunate apples.

Ok, where was I? Laban postulated (and we now all accept it like we do Avogardro's Hypothesis) that all movement is made up of just eight different actions. I don't know if I'm supposed to memorise them in any particular order, but here they are.

1. The float.
2. The press.
3. The slash.
4. The flick.
5. The wring.
6. The dab.
7. The thrust.
8. The glide.

I took this little exerpt from this website:

"These categories were later used in notating dance moves, and theater directors also use them sometimes to help actors discover their character's particular physicality in a given speech or scene. Each of the qualities can be classified as fast or slow, direct or indirect, and light or heavy."

And we did more choreography, this time in groups of four (Ave, Geraldine, Weiling). No spectacular new moves today, except for the "Forward Handflip Over Chris" which I was too chicken to try.

Last movement class next week, then on rehearsals for the first showing!

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