Sunday, 1st June '03

How To Bao Bakzang

Heh, and I thought I could go home and crash after Zouk. Obviously I had to think again. It's duan wu jie (did I get that right?) again. Mum had done a grand total of eight while I was out at TFYE and at the club, so that leaves... well... about ninety-odd more to wrap before day break. *yawn*

Honestly, I'm so happy she left some to wrap with me... if I bond with Dad while watching football, I bond with Mum while wrapping bakzang. Learning to make these traditional "skill-foods" from a parent just makes you feel all warm adn fuzzy inside, doesn't it? It was one of those Kodak moments, that. Both of us hunkered over a pot of glutinous rice and a stuffing bowl, twisting disobedient and irritatingly fragile pandan leaves into bundles, Rio the dog sitting ENTIRELY too close and panting all over our feet, Harvard and Columbia splish-splashing in their tanks and clunking stones around. And I'm always thankful that being Chinese gives me chances to have experiences like that.

Admittedly I sucked hugely at first... overzealously packing in the rice and meat and not being able to hold the whole darn thing together after that, much less bundle it in _very_ slimy (must wet hands in order to mold rice effectively) rafia. Poor Ma had to fix that one *sheepish smile*. And then when we were getting the first batch out of the pressure cooker, THE KNOB ON THE LID SLIPPED OFF! Which meant superheated steam was gushing out in all directions, instead of just through the designated valve... and we both ducked out of the kitchen in case it exploded... while Dad, oblivious and in the bedroom, snored through the ordeal.

But HEY! I did pretty well overall. Ma still thinks my dumplings are a little small and they DO look like a cross between standard bakzangs and keezangs but IT WAS MY FIRST TRY! And none unraveled in the pressure cooker, so there. =P I'm good. Even when stuffing them, bleary eyed and with increasingly uncoordinated motor functions, at four am in the morning. By just about that time I had to give up. Ma wouldn't have liked it if I had fallen asleep with my face in the stuffing bowl. No siree, bub.

Additional bit of info: the bakzangs don't taste half bad either!

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