Sunday, 6th July '03

Nat's House

Since our showing is coming up pretty dang soon, the TYFE had to meet for a little extra work. *sigh* And I will explain why I'm sighing shortly.

So most of us met at Starbucks before going to Natasha's. I don't quite know what to say about this, and I don't know if its my fault or anyone else's or if it's no one's fault at all. It's just... for heaven's sake, we said meet at 5.30pm. And if you have a valid excuse, well and good. If you don't then freaking come at 5.30pm. I honestly cannot believe we only left Starbucks at 6.40pm. This really pushes the boundaries of ridiculous in my book.

But apart from that things went quite smoothly and the tension that had been building up in the egroups somewhat abated. I suppose we had some good bonding time at Starbucks... licking American Cheese Cake, and losing teeth over "Chocolate Rock" (can't the boy just say BISCOTTI?). And being assigned fruits. Umm. Yeah. Fruits. Errol is the first joker I know who wants to be a fruit. A papaya, at that. And for anyone who's interested to know what he's assigned the rest of us, Ave's a soursop (she's not exactly jumping for joy, I assure you), Siti's a longan (neither is she), Beck's a mango (*blink*), and I'm a dragonfruit. At this point making a papaya smoothie out of Errol sounds VERY enticing.

When we reach Nat's house we actually manage to get some work done! The dynamic of the group has grown a lot more civil, I think. Still strained and still very polite, but there does seem a genuine effort made to work together and for that I'm awfully thankful. I hate blow-outs. We've finished the outline of the "play" and are now aligning ourselves against our audience *chuckle*. Luk, Kai, Gnet... you guys must tell me what you gleaned from the play, alright? At this point I'm wishing very hard that Limin could be around to watch... but I'll write a nice long journal entry on it so you can read, ok, girl?

Indeed, it is WAAAYYY harder to work with a group than to have fun together, as we soon discover in our little dinner party later. (We also discover that Errol... cannot... *nevermind*) The thing is, when everyone's just hanging out and talking crap, things like age and culture and maturity gaps don't matter. It's at times like this that it's exciting to see how different people find themselves in different situations and joke about the stupid things that one does or does not do. But when actually working together, the views just tend to clash too much. I'm not saying that mine is better than anyone else's, but I find myself wishing someone else could see things my way. Or that I could see things someone else's way. Or that someone else could just grow up. Or that I could just relax a bit. Or that... you get the idea? Obviously nothing like that ever happens.

I can't quite find a resolution for this within the short span of this entry. We'll work on it, is all I can say. Maybe it just requires more chemistry.

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