Friday, 11th July '03

The Beginnings Of Law School Life

Back from community service with the Law Fac. This is going to be one heck of a disorganised entry. So best to do it in point form.

I have learnt lately... or at least discovered to a certain extent:

1. That not all the law girls are *beeps*. Thank you Lord. Seriously, that list that Limin, Kai, Tzo and I saw at Sake Sushi was pretty damn horrifying. But like Jia said, most of them are probably going overseas or I'm not going to see them enough to care. Which is good. Good.

2. That the spirit in Law Fac is way better than I expected. I though RJ orientation was pretty good, with the exception of... um... maybe some not-so-enthusiastic people, but I was seriously impressed by my orientation group (hereafter referred to as OG)! Maybe it's because in uni no one forces things on you. You only go for orientation / camp / community service if you WANT to. And if you care enough to come down you wouldn't be an idiot and not participate or pull stupid hissy fits.

3. That (if it isn't obvious enough by now) I like my OG! Whoo hoo!!! I have never liked my OG as a new person (freshie!) before! Side note, when I was an OGL in RJ I just adored charybdis... they were like the iokus i never had! But back to the point... I was honestly _disappointed_ I couldn't go out with them in the evening... and I was so thankful they made me feel like part of them immediately even though all of them had been for the camp and I hadn't! They even took time to introduce everyone and all the little idosyncracies they had learnt about each other... like how Winston is perpetually drunk... like how Huiling and Hian Zee have dubious alter egos... like how Cheryl has violent tendencies... like how there is _A_ Linus (who I haven't yet met) and how Charles looks like a spiky dinosaur reincarnate... and so on and so forth. And when Cheryl messaged to say she was glad we met one does get this nice, cosy feeling of belonging even without quite knowing anyone yet.

4. That Mark (year 2 councillor, I think) has this scarily uncanny resemblence to CJ of the 20th. It is double-take inspiring. Even Hian Zee agrees...

5. That you don't appreciate how lucky you are to be surrounded by Biology students till you go to Law School. I met Cheryl today and when we both found we were Trip Sciencers we were estatic. We started discussing protein synthesis and singing Bio songs (she does too!), much to the chagrin of everyone in the vicinity.

6. That there strangely seem to be more year 2s in an OG than year 1s.

7. That the guys in the presentation can all perform lifts! In RJ you have to be worried about whether your partner will let you fall in the OH dance. But the guys in uni just CARRY the girls in various impressive Lindy Hopp positions. Ooh, look what NS does for you boys.

8. That the intellectually disabled kids in Guillemard Gardens School are little angels. Honestly, after my nightmare with the Jamiyah Children's Home I never wanted to do community service for kids again. But I felt so heart-warmed when these little ones come up to perfect strangers like us and stick out a grubby hand for a shake or hi-five. And simply how appreciative they are of the little things the faculty did like painting and gardening. And how they find so much pleasure in doing the hokey pokey with us. And how they're so forgiving even when we dance out of time and forget our lines.

9. That I'm now worrying more about hall life than fac life. I haven't been hearing too good things about Kent Ridge. Maybe I should have just gone to Eusoff. Argh. Maybe if it's really bad, and I hope not, i just won't stay second year and bunk up with Qiong and try to get to another hall. But it can't be THAT bad right? Why does everyone give me this raised-eyebrow look? Argh. Argh. Argh.

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