Saturday, 12th July '03

The Buddy Shop

Ha! Finally had my seven generation buddy outing. *grin* Yup, seven generations. You don't get more on than this. And it's really thanks to Gail and Olivia for making all this happen.

See the "Buddy Shop" bit? The photoshop wonders worked by Olivia... looks like from now on we'll all have to meet up with each new addition to the tree and take a new quan jia fu with another "Buddy Shop". *rotfl*

And there I was at the beginning of the outing thinking we were all going to some nice fancy schmancy restaurant at the Esplanade... where did we wind up? Suntec McDonald's. But I have to say the outing was fantastic! Got to meet up again with little buddy Jian and little grandbuddy Si whom I haven't seen since Invest, and big buddy Adrian, big grandbuddy Olivia and greatgrandbuddy Gail whom I haven't met since goodness knows when. And then I met greatgreatgrandbuddy Richard who I've never seen apart from photos... and now I have bragging rights to the rest of the 21st till someone breaks the record. Ha, I bet not.

Wow, and I was amazed we could all talk so well together despite the fact that the age groups spanned 7 years! Ok, Jian' An is the same age as Olivia... but still. There was so much to find out about how the councils have changed since the 17th... the new exco structure, the new functions, the Faction's emergence etc etc. We probably bent (alright, broke) a few rules by sharing CC anecdotes, but Gail the CCIC didn't stop us, so there... =) And I'm _still_ laughing over Adrian's teeth-brushing episode... and Richard's face when he asked Si how she ".. got to BATHE???!!!???". *chuckle*

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