Saturday, 13th September '03

A Playwright... I am not. *hefty sigh*

I think if there was ever one aspect of theatre I was (and still am not) comfortable with, it's playwrighting... argh. Never could figure out people like Maureen or Chen Seong or anyone like that could just sit down and squeeze out a story, and put it down on paper so that it captured all the emotions they wanted. I mean, in plays you can't write in the third person or descibe things like in ordinary creative writing. Like Tze Chien said, you have to show, you can't tell.

Oh yeah, must introduce my nice readers to the newest addition to our TFYE life - Tze Chien, or TC. He's the third instructor, after Serena and Jeff, to teach us stuff and he specialises in playwrighting *duh*. Ever seen the book "PIE to Spoilt"? For anyone interested, it's selling in the NUS Co-op and it's in just about every library in Singapore. Yup, he wrote that,and it's pretty critically acclaimed.

So after yet another get-to-know-you session we started on some "walk the space" type warm-ups and then we did this "think through your life exercise". We started out each acting the part of a foetus in a womb, making our way out of the birth canal, feeling how it's like to be a small animal, feeling scared, feeling agressive, feeling new, different parts in the typical secondary school kid's life... lots of things lah. And then we proceeded into a conflict circle, where we shared what could be called "disturbances" in our lives - particular situations that have meant something to us or shaped the people we've become. Shan't write about this here, because some of the stuff we talked about might have been pretty personal.

Should have guessed earlier why we had to do all that - and picked an easier topic for myself. I chose my issue because it made me think about things I hadn't thought about before, but these aren't things that I know very well yet. *sigh* But the bottom line is, we have homework. To write a whole, proper, two page scene based on the personal experience we shared. Argh. Like I said before, playwrighting is everything but natural to me. Let's just whack and see how it goes.

Gah. Contract assignment beckons. That's it for now, then.

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