Wednesday, 29th October '03

M1 Youth Connection Photoshoot

Let me just state for the record that I had a lot of fun at this... I really did. Just that the waiting time was phenomenal. We hung around for THREE SOLID HOURS. I knew it would start late, but THREE SOLID HOURS??? And I missed part of my Legal Writing tutorial to sit around and wait in the semi dark? And sing silly songs, and tinkle on a guitar, and take pre-photoshoot photos? The wait nearly killed us all, even if no one was expecting star treatment or anything.

But like I said, it was all good fun. No stress (unless you count the sheer idea that I might look grossly ugly in the final product) and no mess (i.e. minimal makeup). I guess the only person who might have been stressing out was poor Wee Khim (yeah, the photog who always does them 8days shoots). We were all, frankly, horrible models and he had to make us pose a million times before we got it right... and everyone knows how badly focused we are. Poor Li-lin (yeah, Wong) probably suffered at our hands too... haha, what with us making so much noise in the waiting room and interrupting her session. Come to think of it, any of the stars and starlets we relentlessly waved to might have suffered. Shiek Haikel, Annabelle Francis, Rosalind Pho, Beatrice Chia... if I wasn't me, and I wasn't already zonked by the wait I might have been pretty starstruck. Think the real capper might have been when Lim Kay Tong came in and Errol went "Eh, Kay Tong..." by way of greeting. Oi, it's Lim Kay Tong, can? Well respected, very focused and serious looking Lim Kay Tong. Somehow "eh, Kay Tong" doesn't cut it.

Hmm, what else? Must probably also thank TC and Sean for rushing around and mothering us. TC especially... who had to deal with my Mum's wrath. That was because of the disgusting delay that really wasn't even TC's fault...

You can probably tell I'm writing this in a rush. So I'd best leave a few photos to tell the story. All these are credited to Huipeng, thanks girl!

I just can't believe I wasn't around for this. Grr. Legal Writing.
Looking at us like this, the title "Secrets from my Bedroom" doesn't sound half as kinky as it used to, does it?

Huipeng and TC...

Huipeng and Jo... it's beginning to get kind of obvious who's camera these were from, isn't it?

Fit and Tasha indulging in some random tomfoolery.
Evidently, the waiting was beginning to take its toll. We were slowly but surely losing our minds...

Yan calls this photo "4babes". Heh, it's not me being buay hiao bai, alright?

The TFYE guys are about the most vain creatures I know. Errol here is probably asking for makeup or something like that. He has also stolen my PJs. *growl*

More pictures anyone? Send me!

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