Monday, 3rd November '03

No More Research Binder!

After three harrowing weeks of ploughing through treatises, wading through endless cases, memorising fact patterns, writing summaries, rewriting summaries, formatting, typing, photocopying, and hearing the words "equitable breach of confidence", "public interest disclosure", "Lion Laboratories v. Evans and Others" way way WAAAAYYY too many times, the time has come. It has come, I tell you.

The moment of release. The moment of joy. The moment of pure euphoria.

Let me qualify that last statement - it was just for effect. I still have exams and Singapore Legal System is one digusting topic. But back to our regularly scheduled programme...

I have handed in the research binder. I think it weighed more than the amount of rice I consume in a month. But I don't care. It's in and I will never have to look at it again...

Until the moots. But I'll live for the moment, yeah?

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