Monday, 3rd November '03

Character Building

As you can see, I'm fast running out of clever-sounding titles. But I'm always doing my musing at odd hours of the night / morning... I can't quite keep track anymore. And I have so little time to worry about things like this... I just need to get this bit down so I can go to sleep.

*Sigh* I'm probably being counterproductive by doing this since tomorrow will be another heck of a day and I ought to be asleep. Winston and Jia know what happens when I don't get enough sleep. I'll pumpkinfy. But I'll just do a quick journal entry on what we covered at the TNS today.

I guess today could be otherwise known as "How To Make Errol My Best Friend" day. *hefty sigh*. It's not like I have any objections to character builidng, but it's so hard to do. Yes, I know, theatre, like life, was never meant to be easy and I think TC was really great for putting us through that. He says even he was "chuan" (Chinese for panting) when we were done, but I think we really drove him nuts. Heck, he drove us nuts too. =) I swear, if it had gone on any longer, I would've started crying... getting told for two straight hours that you're bloody irritating, get out, f*** off... It doesn't do much for your ego even if you know it's all fictional. And there're only so many times you can ask a fella about his chemistry prac and how he flunked it gloriously, talk to me, I want to be your friend, are you even my friend etc etc before you start feeling extraordinarily silly and needy.

If all that above doesn't make much sense to you at this moment, just know we had a two hour improvisational fight between best friends. Angela, Tzo and Lucas and any other Drama Fest person who knows what I mean, you can liken it to a very very extended and painful "what car do you drive?" - "Nissan Sunny" - session. And all poor Beck, our director, could do was watch helplessly and feel sorry for us.

But like I said before, I'm really thankful TC made us do that. At least, disturbed and as emotionally exhausted as I was after that, I learn something about my character, EN (how imaginative. *grin at Beck*) and her relationship with REL.

So just to outline some stuff before I forget:

Facts about EN and REL.

* Both are in RJC Med Fac.
* They both think Bio rocks.
* Both play basketball - she's the girls' captain, he's the guys' captain
* They first met in bbal in JC1, they were nominted to organise a joint outing for the entire team, and this was at Marche.
* They tried to matchmake their respective teammates, Gerald and Genevieve, and those two got together. This took a lot of mutual correspondence by phone.
* G&G broke up, E&R's plans to get them back together failed, and backfired. E&R now being matchmade by the entire team.
* This caused a problem between them. EN didn't care, REL avoided her for a while. EN got insecure about the friendship.
* BIG BLOW UP sparked by REL's flunking his chemistry practical. Ended on an ugly note and has yet to be resolved.

Facts about REL.

* He's also in the school debate team. And apart from studies, is generally an all rounder.
* He hates chemistry.
* He's 18 now.
* He thinks EN is sporty, very smart, doesn't need to mug for A's.
* He consults EN primarily for opinions on his hair, his pierced body parts and trivial things like that. It drives her nuts that he can't talk to her about anything that really matters to him.
* He claims to be Mr Whatever.
* He doesn't pander to fashion, he has his own style. He thinks she does too.
* He has a huge crush on a girl called Rebecca and idolises Cecilia Cheung.
* He thinks she's in love with Clay Aiken.
* He's fiercely independant, he doesn't care what people think about him, he has this teddy bear from his grandmother that he even brings to lectures.

Facts about EN.

* She's 18.
* She's more a mugger than REL knows, and she works damn hard for what she wants.
* She's a dancer. (These last two points are just put in to make EN's school life more whole.)
* She thinks REL is funny, smart, generally a nice guy, but not the kind, caring sort she would rather be in a relationship with. She enjoys his company, but at times she finds him wierd and a little immature. His ego is sometimes a little intolerable.
* She hates physics.
* She's insecure, she prices friendship very very highly. Even to a somewhat unusual extent.
* She's hopelessly stubborn and will not listen to reason if it doesn't instinctively feel right.
* She wants to feel loved. Not in a romantic sort of way, but it's more like she wants to love herself. She doesn't care too much about what other people think of her, but it's very very very important to her that she can think of herself and like herself. And she does this by reflecting herself off of her friends.
* She's very competitive, and has this hidden thing about beating the people around her.
* She's been mistaken for a lesbian. Because she hasn't decided that she likes REL even after spending a dispproportionate time with him. (In the same way he's thought to be gay.)
* She's not homophobic, but she will be slightly disturbed by unusual relationships actually unfolding before her.
* She's usually logical, systematic.
* She hates confrontation. No, she hates fights and being angry with people. She would prefer to talk things out.

I think I've gone on a bit too long for now. At least I've given the stuff some thought now. We'll see what happens in "How To Make Fit My Lesbian Lover" day. *wink*

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