Monday, 10th November '03

I Shouldn't Be Doing This

Something I wrote while mugging. Somehow Singapore Legal System has this way of tiring me out like nothing I've ever studied before. Except Physics, lah. Don't be critical, it was just random scrawling... and I really shouldn't have been doing this. Mug girl, mug. No time.

"One tiny wooden table. Three wooden chairs. I'm sitting on one, posterior beginning to protest its prolonged inaction. My bag's on another. The last chair merely exists there by a stroke of pure chance. A weary sketcher-clad foot hangs upon the last chair, blatent defience of the societal norm that dictates a woman's feet should stay placed on the ground when she sits.

Ears aching from the phones mercilessly shoved into pinnas. "My J.T. now whatcha got for me?". Poor Mr J.T.'s helium howls are interrupted by nasal whining that is the jazzy house music. Attempts to block out the aforementioned jazzy house music fail miserably. Sunshine streams in from the window I'm sitting next too. The outside view shows me more of Tao Nan School than I ever want to see. Welcome to my study world for today.

Flashback to the morning, orange-highlighted text conspires with white paper to blind my eyes. Infernal SLS textbook perched precariously on one knee, I gaze into the distance hoping for my red Mercedes with the number 30 on its forehead to take me away from the horror I'm inflicting on myself. No bus. Other commuters walk by, espie the textbook and shoot me sympathetic half-smiles. They move on. Seeya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

The person a table away has borrowed a book I've been wanting to read since the beginning of the year. If the SLS textbook had legs it up and jog over to me, reminding me of the very reason I'm here. Roll your tongue back into your mouth. Stop drooling; start studying.

The thought of which roughly plucks me from my reverie. I'm still on the same chair, but my feet are back on the ground - in more ways than one. Back to the books. It's going to be, as they always say, a long day."

Rather amusing day, this. Went back to school to find that I didn't quite need to go back to school. Came to TNS for rehearsal, came early, hung around mugging a bit. Went into rehearsal room, greeting Sharon, Sean and Su-lin on the way. Hung around more. Got a bunch of confusing SMSes and phone calls. Total effect of which = rehearsal cancelled. Errol has tuition. Small voice in my head goes *WTF*. But you all know I'll never really say that out loud. Oh well, more time to mug I guess. I trot back out the way I came, evidently looking suitably pissed off for Sharon and Sean to offer me vodka. Back out to Starbucks to mug. Eventually I'm joined by Ave. Heh, we have fun making each other into decadent bums. Hehhhh. Rehearsal shifted till tomorrow. I don't know what to think about that. Urgh. We need to bloody learn to communicate.

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