Tuesday, 11th November '03


We should really stop starting our rehearsals one hour late. And today's started late for the absurdest of reasons - because we were all waiting in the wrong place. Argh. The vicissitudes of life. At least we've got it worked out now. I think.

So this was another one of those wierd rehearsals which aren't even rehearsals, really (read: more improv work and character building). But today went pretty well, all things considered and for the first time I think I've managed to understand EN without judging her. Normally I think she's silly and bitchy, haha. But this time she was a complete human... and it was nice to be able to make her mistakes, her jokes, her decisions on the spot without really thinking about how it'd reflect on me or her... oh dear, words fail me. But it did hit (for a limited while) a stage of being her without acting her. Which, again, was nice. You know how those big shot actors say things like how much acting gives you a chance to learn about people and learn about yourself? It's like while I was scrabbling away at EN's psyche she actually turned around and showed me something new about her and about me. Creepy, huh? But I'm sure TC would say this is just the tip of the iceberg and I'd believe him.

And it's wierd how character building work can raise so many inconsistencies in a character. Like how FIT is only 2nd to 3rd circle of friends close to EN but will do so much more for her than REL, who is 1st circle close. And how the last improv between EN and REL got completely reversed - my conclusion is that they're the oddest pair of best friends ever. If I were a neutral bystander I'd just tell them to freaking get together and be done with it - they have such neurotic (oh gee, I'm judging again) hang ups about each other - but then again I know EN and REL also think that's the stupidest idea in the world, and they truly believe it. And how I could learn about FITEN (our shorthand for the relationship between FIT and EN) while playing in the capacity of RELEN (yeah, you know what this is). Humans are contradictory creatures, that's all I can say.

Mugging wise wasn't all that fantastic lah. Good rehearsal plus finishing of the first skim-thorough-real-quick reading of the SLS textbook didn't give me much incentive to pia too hard for the rest of the day. Haha, and Ave and I got so fed up and saturated we wound up doing really inane things like vandalising each other's organisers, waving madly at Sharon, TC and Natalie as they were driving off (at 9.30pm, no less), and buying "contraband food" from the mama shop and walking around MPCC to finish it just so we could go back into Starbucks later. Oh yeah, and chalking up goodwill with the barrista at Starbucks so we can sit in there longer next year (M1 Rehearsals).

A sampling of Ave's "art". Check out the bits that say "Ave is pretty. REALLY!!!" and "Isaac is a strange boy". At the risk of making a really bad pun, I'll say this: Oh Man!

And right now, I must really go mug. Combined rehearsal tomorrow. Argh.

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