Saturday, 15th November '03


Warning: unhealthy amounts of insider jokes coming. I spend too much time with TFYE-ers, it seems.

Just thought my nice concerned readers (read: Ave *wink* Yes girl, you are pretty. REALLY.) might like to know how the Singapore Legal System Exam is coming along. In which case, raise your line of sight a bit and take a lookie at the title again. Geddit? Geddit.

Ok lah, in all fairness it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I have some semblance of an outline and have written almost 2000 words about nothing. wink I've got a question on a topic I sort of like - note the use of the words "sort of" because there isn't anything I really like about SLS. SaLeS, SouLS, SLaveS, Sungei Lembut Sikat, SiLoSo... oh what the heck. See what happens when you study too hard and drink vodka and ridiculously overpriced fruit juice.

Ok, I'm going to get back to work now. Irritating someone-who-lives-in-my-HDB-block has picked a fine time to try and drill holes in his wall. Let me catch him and I will... *vicious grin*... burn his armpit hair.

Yeah, I'd write down the Malay version if I could spell it.

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