Tuesday, 18th November '03

There Was a Time

When people were accountable for their actions.

When people would come when they said they would.

When people who didn't come had a reason not to.

When people who didn't have a reason were at least embarrassed enough to pretend they did.

When events started on time.

When people remembered that other people's time was precious too.

When people who wasted other people's time apologised for being late and tried not to do it again.

When people took pride in their work.

When people even did their work.

When people didn't make promises unless they meant them.

When people who made promises kept them.

When people knew what they needed to know.

When people who didn't know what they needed to know tried to find it out.

When people who didn't try to find out felt bad about it.

When people didn't take their rights for granted.

When people didn't take their privileges for granted.

When people tried not to criticise other people's actions.

When people who criticised other people's actions took care not to do the same things themselves.

When people who were criticised listened, reflected, but took it with a pinch of salt.

When people who were criticised listened.

When people respected authority.

When people understood that a position of authority is an awful one to be in.

When people didn't resort to name-calling to make a point.

When people with no discipline looked at people who had it and tried to better themselves.

When people with no discipline didn't try to pull people who had it down to their level.

When people cared that their actions had a domino effect on everyone else.

When people cared. Period.


I'm an old stick in the mud.

I haven't caught up with the times.

This is the new world order.

I won't care too much too soon.

It's all just too tiring.

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