Saturday, 29th November '03

Guys... You Know What? I Think I Split My Pants.

I can just see the look on Limin's face right now. Or Lucas', since I've been diaoing him about spliting his pants dancing the Izaeus. I can also predict a tag from Tzo will soon say "muahahaha" (Which, now that I've predicted it out here, will obviously become a self-fulfilling prophecy).

But anyway, yesh, that's what came flying out of my mouth about 15 minutes before the house was due to open for the 8pm '3' show. Can you beat that? Aaarrrrrrrgggghhhh. Good timing, sia. And it wasn't even the seam that burst. The CLOTH tore, for the love of Mike. One thought: never buy cheapsale jeans. There's a reason things that go for half-price are going for half-price. And thanks, Ave, for making us do those warm-up squats. *wink* But seriously, I would up wearing Yan's jeans for the show and major gratitude goes out to all the people running around to save my ass some dignity. Literally. Tasha and Yan especially... *hug*. Now let no one say En Ying doesn't know how to laugh at herself.

The next thing - to everyone who came - THANK YOU!!! Really did mean a lot that you guys came... =) On top of everything else going on in your life! Kai, Dre, Jia, Hanting, Alex, Windstorm Wong, Liang (Ying and Si), Mich, Eva, Serbee... I didn't miss anyone, right? *hug*

Now on to the actual musing. Tzo says I'm in a love-hate relationship with the TFYE and I think she's right, but I can't help saying I'm fantastically glad today went well. I mean, we've so so so so much more to learn, but I think we came together at the end and put up something more than credible. Of course TC's "bag o' tricks" was invaluable but if we didn't at least take some ownership it wouldn't have been what it was today. Come to think of it, it's my first full length production and I can't wait for M1. Well. In the interests of truth, my exams will probably die but... yeah Tzo, I'm suicidal.

And I think things ended on a good note for the year... at least all the people in '3' are pretty bonded now, despite all the internal strife we've gone through... *grin*. At the very least we can all sit and sing stupid songs ("there she goooeeeesss..."), rap Limp Bizkit / Eminem / Shaggy / Linkin Park and make mutally understandable private jokes *koffakunakbakarbulukertiakkaukoff*... And we've spent so much time together I'm beginning to worry about us. I still can't understand why I had a dream about Siti digging up the black box with a Changkol...

And we got the M1 rehearsal schedule today. Two words: HOLY COW. I'm gonna have to pull out of all the KR sports, it looks like. The schedule will clash with IHG and trainings like crap, it will.

Alrighty then! Off to watch Who's Line Is It Anyway. Night y'all.

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