Tuesday, 2nd December '03

I Want More Than My Two Front Teeth, Aite?

Ahh. Christmas time is here again. Time, again, to turn into an obnoxious little kid and indulge all my wanton material desires. No, I'm not expecting anyone to get these for me. I'll get them myself, if I can, when I can. Just... address the cheque to Koh En Ying. With a space. *grin*.

Alright, in all honesty, you guys know I'm just playin' ya. I'm one of those old fogeys who'd actually the remember this time as the reason I'm saved, and I'm a sucker for all that "Christmas Spirit" schtick. But that does NOT mean I'm against Christmas for all it's commercial value. Hee.

The Tangibles

A nice squeezy Nike waterbottle
-- You know, the kind that spurts. But I only want it in gold or the transparent one. Obviously that's half the reason I haven't got one even though they came out almost three years ago - that I can't find them, that is.

A new wallet
-- I'm a fussbudget, I'll admit. This one has to be velcro, the sports kind, no leather. It has to have a zip coin pouch, ample space to hold about 6 cards, and a transparent side pocket. A plus if it doesn't look butch-y, but I'm already kinda resigned to the fact that functional wallets are always made for the guys.

Baby G
-- With a wrap-around strap. I don't care if they're passe, I need a digital watch.

Interesting Hats
-- Always room for more of these. Anyway I have a hat head - ask Kai or Babs.

More Clean-colour markers
-- The more you buy, the more you want.

-- Currently "Singles" by Suede and the R.E.M. greatest hits collection sound good. And without a doubt I also want "Any Given Thursday" by John Mayer.

A Cold Fusion yoyo
-- If you haven't a clue what this is... it's alright. It's not an insult - but you probably can't afford it anyways.

-- That fit, dammit. I hate my butt.

The Intangibles

To make it through M1 Theatre Connect alive
-- This comes in a lot of parts, I guess. No hissy fits, efficieny, discipline. This is one Christmas wish that is obviously not going to get fulfilled. Hopefully our SM is one heck of a tyrant.

A butt that would fit into pants
-- See last item of "Tangibles".

Better memory and mugging discipline
-- This supplements the first item of "Intangibles", but with respect to my school work.

More emotion
-- I always think I let go too easily.

Some nice fella...
-- To put the Smubs' minds at ease. *wink*.

More "worldiness"
-- I don't know how to explain this.

An ability to be more obnoxious when I chose
-- This is growing daily, but I want more.

A way with words
-- More John Mayer envy.

To continue to love reading Law
-- Always think it's important to have passion, yeah?

A zai and understanding mooting partner
-- Another supplement to the first item in this list.

Perseverance to keep in touch with people that matter
-- It's harder than it would seem, I'm sure you guys know.

Patience to be good to my parents
-- No, I'm not a model daughter.

Time to spend with my dog
-- Not much these days.

To be stronger in my faith
-- It's Christmas, after all.

See lah... SEE LAH! What started out as completely frivolous entry has actually gained some depth. What's wrong with me? *sigh*.

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