Thursday, 4th December '03

51 Things

Today was one of those nice rare days. I got to meet up with Gerri, Zhihui and Qiong again... brilliant! We had lunch at Mos, watched Love Actually, which I thought we pretty nicely scripted and decently directed (i.e. not fantastically), shopped around without spending any real money, had dinner at Marche, and then just sat and talked and swapped stories. It felt good, to meet up with old friends who I've hardly seen and who are all studying different things now, but still have a million things to talk about. Wish the rest of the gang could be there but it was still pretty darn magical to meet up with these girls again and have the time of our lives - just like in the old secondary school days. It has also occurred to me that seven years of being friends (Qiong and Zhihui), or even five (Gerri) for that matter, is a substantial period of time.

In fact, I'm in such a good mood, I'll actualy do one of these inane little questionaires... It's from Karen's Friendster Bulletin Board. I will reserve my Friendster comments for another day. Plenty of those to come. In the meantime, it seems to me like such inane questionaires make for good character building exercises. Will perhaps make the "Kill B" cast try this one day.

1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
Neither at the moment. Don't think I'm looking to do it anytime soon either. Especially not the tongue. Hear it causes teeth fractures.

2. Be serious or be funny?
It depends on who I'm with, actually. With the 401 people and Oteam I can be SO off-my-rocker. Law people even. But with TFYE I seem a long more serious than usual. Wonder why.

3. Boxers or briefs?
I suppose this is one of those "if I were a guy..." questions. I don't know... boxers would allow a healthy breeze around the privates, right? But if I had a dangling manhood I'd want good support too, right? I'm just guessing around here...

4. Whole or skim milk?
Whole. Magnolia.

5. Single or Taken?
As Dage and Lucas never fail to remind me, I'm very, VERY single.

6. Simple or complicated?
What, me? Well that depends on what you're talking about. If it's just me, then yeah, I'd say simple enough... but if you're going on about stuff I like to study... or stuff I'd look for in a person... or... *heh, I'm joking!* Simple. That's it.

7. Law or anarchy?
Law. That's what I go to school for. "Lord of the Flies" and "The Beach" are pretty unsettling tales.

8. Flowers or angels?
This is just wierd. I'll say flowers. Daisies, please.

9. Grey or gray?
Tzo knows questions like these are my worst nightmare. I'll pick whatever gives the wiggley red line in MS Word.

10. Read or write?
Read. Less effort.

11. Color or black-and-white photos?
Colour. But I will stress that no photo can compare to a memory. No more 3x5's.

12. Sunrise or sunset?
I'm not the kind of person who watches these things. Ask any 401-er.

13. M&M's or Skittles?
Skittles. Sour. Especially for SLS lectures.

14. Rap or rock?
Mellow rock, stuff like John Mayer, Maroon 5, U2, Vertical Horizon, Jars of Clay. I'd even go for harder stuff like 3 Doors Down, Creed etc. But for rap I tend only to stick with the old Eminem stuff. Man be a *beep*-ing genius, yo.

15. Stay up late or wake up late?
Both, actually. I never keep my "wake-up-early" resolutions.

16. TV or Radio?
TV. I like me my visuals.

17. Is it POP or SODA?

18. X or O in Tic-tac-toe?
Always X. I can't tell you why.

20. Eat an apple or an orange?

21. What came first the chicken or the egg?
OMG. Chickee.

22. Hot or Cold?
Definately cold. Right, Mich? =)

24. Tall members of the opposite sex or short?
I think I tend to like the shorter types. Not the over 175cm kind anyway. But not shorter than me - thought I doubt there will be much chance of that.

25. Sun or moon?
Moon. So much more engimatic.

26. Emerald or ruby?
Ruby. More character, somehow.

28. Left or right?
We'll ignore the political connotations. Left.

29. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?
1 best friend. Quality over quantity, I'd say. And here's one more piece of trivia for you. En Ying has never had a single best friend. I'm lucky enough never to have had to choose.

30. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?
Vanilla. No contest.

31. High or Drunk?
High. I get high on the air that I breathe. Drunk people, I don't like.

32. Green beans or carrots?
Both aren't exactly my thing.

33. Low fat or fat free?
Whatever tastes better, I guess. I don't usually notice.

34. What is your biggest fear in the world?
Not too sure. Guess I need a boggart, huh? Dying with unfinished business, maybe.

36. Kids or no kids?

37. Cat or dog?
Dog. Rio Waffles Koh.

38. Half empty or half full?
Half empty. If you start with the worst possible senario in mind things can only get better. =) And En Ying can only get happier.

39. Mustard or ketchup?
Ketchup. Sinsin for instant noodles, Heinz for Kenny Rogers. And whatever they give me at fastfood joints. And I hate mustard, right Heng?

40. Hard cover books or soft cover books?
Hard. If I could afford it.

41. Newspaper or magazine?
Magazine. I'm not an intellectual reader, much as I try.

42. Sandals or sneakers?
Sneakers. Flat feet need support. And they're way better for mad sprinting for the bus.

43. Wonder or amazement?

44. Red car or white car?
White. Should be cooler when left in a parking lot.

45. Happy and poor or sad and rich?
Happy and poor. No question.

46. Singing or dancing?
In the privacy of my bedroom, I'd do both simultaneously.

47. Hugging or kissing?
No idea, no experience with the latter.

48. Corduroy or plaid?
Corduroy picks up dog hair. By process of elimination we're left with...

49. Happy or sad?
Me? Happy. Stories? Sad.

50. Purple or green?
Why did I intinctively think of Barney the dinosaur? Purple, for what it's worth.

51. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship?
Not sure how much I'm gonna like sex, but friendship lah.

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