Sunday, 7th December '03

Today I Saw a Man Using an Empty Whiskey Glass as a Walkie-Talkie

No really, I didn't. It's just another one of those odd lines from odd songs (this one was from "8 Ball" by Underworld, I think. I'm not even too sure). Well, as they say, this is my United States of Whatever. I just couldn't come up with a more random line to parallel the COMPLETE ARBITRARINESS of this entry. It's more arbitrary than... common law without precedents. There you go, I'm a mugger. Yay.

Just logged off the "darned Friendster". This nickname for the service is an amusing one, increasingly being used with a little more fondness. So now that I have 40 friends, it might seem the right time to make a couple of comments.

The first odd thing that struck me about Friendster was its incredibly redundant / wrong way of going "XXX is your friend" at the top of any particular friend's page. Redundant in some cases like "Henghwa is your friend" (sorry dude, using your name for my examples because you dragged me into this. Now you are going to pay). I freaking KNOW Dage's my friend. And for people like the Smubs / 21st / 401 gang, the title "Friend" doesn't even do them justice. They're so much more. Wrong in other cases, where the declaration offends the part of me that tends towards uncompromising honesty. It's a bit odd when a couple of folks whom I know added me, but I'm pretty sure I haven't spoken to them (beyond Hi-Bye, anyway) for at least two years. It's not always a bad thing, I AM interested in seeing what has happened to people whom I haven't seen around. And I AM intrigued by the whole six-degrees-of-seperation theory. I think it's cool that I get to see who knows who and all that jazz. In fact, it's absurdly exciting to see that hey, I know A who knows B who knows... hey, I know C too! My 40 friends have already thrown up some rather interest-worthy connections. You know, I don't mean that everyone whom I haven't spoken to for two years ISN'T a friend. It just irks me that everyone I know or add to my list is automatically elevated to "Friend" status. For a large majority of my list (since it's rather modest now), the status is generally true and well-earned. But I'd rather Friendster be called "Accquaintance-ster" or "People-whom-I-know-ster", if you get my drift.

Yeah, I'll be a cynic and believe that some folks DO use Friendster as a show-off / ego-boosting device (oh lookie, I have a 4-digit number of friends! *scream*). The sheer fact that there are testimonials is disturbing too. Do I REALLY need my friends to say wonderful things about me? My friends now seem to use my testimonials to either a) nag me about being naggy (HUANG JIAN' AN!!!!!) or b) matchmake me. (CHEW HENG HWA! LUCAS LUK TIEN WEE! BABS HAMA BOONY CHENG LIMIN!!!) Sorry I couldn't resist. *rotfl*. I know I know, I even half-jokingly asked Heng for that first testimonial... just to take revenge for him hooking me up to this whole affair. But on a real tip, we all know which friends we mean a lot to, we don't need affirmation that the whole world can see! But on the other hand, it's always nice to know someone you hold in high regard thinks kindly of you too. And we all need affirmation at some point. It just feels cheap that it's so public. Which brings me to what irritates me the most. Why do some people write glowing testimonials for people they hate in real life. Why fake respect and love, which you know you don't have - does it make you cooler to have agreed with everyone who gave XXX a testimonial? Or are you just fishing around, hoping XXX hasn't realised the artificiality of your latest entry and will write something nice and juicy back? Excuse me if I offend, but I just don't get it.

Argh, too much on Friendster for now. But my conclusion is, yeah, I've decided on the hybrid view. It's a fun game, completely open to abuse, but as long as I treat it as Accquainstance-ster I gather I'm being honest enough and I can go around adding any Toms and Harry-Dicks I like. Dirty pun fully intended.

What else did I do today? Oh yeah, I had an RnF meeting... pretty much uneventful, except that I was again reminded of my need to start driving again. Gah. But what happened was since I was in school and at Liang's notice, I opened up the locker. NEXT SEM'S WORK IS IN ALREADY! You expect some horrified gasping and whingeing, don't you? Wrong. I have never been this glad to receive work early in my life. I know this reeks suspiciously of perversity in its highest degree, but I WANT to print my cases before school starts, I WANT to start my reading and textbook buying ASAP. I don't care if the exams ended barely a week ago. One look at the M1 schedule is enough to spur me into a frenzy of self-untying shoelaces and Chinese-poetry spouting. In other words, stress. I've done the transfering of everything into my organiser. Week 8 has two freaking assignments, 50% and 40%, plus four rehearsals and probably mooting prep. Thank God I had the cow sense to drop the KR stuff. Imagine throwing IHG on top of that. I just pray I get an understanding mooting partner who will not tease me about my business nor constantly remind me of how screwed up I must have been to get myself into such a situation.

Have also realised that the second 50% legal theory essay will be released on my birthday. *resists urge to spew profanities*.

Meanwhile, on the webbie front, my attempts at javascript are failing miserably and Yan's computer just got hit with a virus when he was trying to fix my mess. Poor guy... I did a scan and I'm sure it didn't come from me though.

There was no Whose Line Is It Anyway today. *sigh*. I ended up watching WWE Bottom Line. Professional wrestling must be the stupidest spectator sport in the world. But damn if it isn't so addictive. How I can sit through an hour of bad acting and ugly, smelly sweaty men thumping each other, I don't know. I must be the only person I know who actually wouldn't mind going to watch the show at the indoor stadium. But there are redeming factors in pro-wrestling. Like Rey Mysterio's stunts. Again, I must be the only person who roots in vain for Rey Mysterio every match he fights. But hey, the 619 kicks ass - and any other body part that gets in the way, really. It's also so much fun to laugh at wierdos like Booker T and that rapper fella trying to pull an awful Vanilla Ice. And I kinda miss the Rock, even if I can never smell what he's cooking. Why has it also occurred to me that Sean Micheal (Shaun Micheal?) is pretty charismatic? Think I need to sleep more.

At Mich's recommendation, have also started on "Ender's Game", which is turning out to be a pretty good book. Looks like Ender Wiggin might be my newest literary hero after Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible (if you could call him a literary hero), Hamlet in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark and Dallas Winston in The Outsiders. No, Harry Potter doesn't qualify as a literary hero, in case you're wondering.

I hope Law Bash went well for all those involved, especially the pagent folks. Eva, Dawn, Ross, Jon, Derrick... and the one who's so so so zai he doesn't need my well-wishes: RYAN... *wink* you all know I'm rooting for you back here. I'm just too tired and broke to go down to Centro.

Eek, it's late. Dance Ensemble tech class tomorrow. Bloody Lugui warm-ups. Better go to bed. I'll leave you now with a last grumpy observation. The rate my host reflects my updates, you guys will be reading this at Christmas.

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