Saturday, 13th December '03

Feels Like Jet Lag

Gee. I'm bush-whacked. Either I'm losing my stamina or sleep is very VERY important to this girl. I think it's the latter, though. I made it through RJ O-prep, man. But then I had enough shut eye.

It all started with "Flipside" filming. This messed up my bio-clock like nothing you've ever seen. Picture this: After Dance Ensemble tech class I shuttled off to Winston's Woodlands condominuim where we bummed around waiting for the equipiment to be delivered. And then spent the whole evening and most of the night filiming a SAD sex scene. Not even a whole sex scene, though - it was one corner of a bed shaking, courtesy of Reynard getting it on with a couple of Ross' pillows. I know, the idea is repulsive enough. Throw in the fact that Eva wanted heavy breathing and questionable moans in the background. Now THAT was amusing. Every girl and Nick (*blink*) had to be tried out and almost every take ended in disaster. The funniest was when Dawn's voice cracked. Sounded something like "*pant pant* ACK". ACK??? *lmao* Well guess whose voice they wound up using. *rolls eyes* Not a show I'd want to show my Mom, if you know what I mean. But it was the stupidest thing I've ever done lah. Nawaz in the background interjecting lewd cheers liks "hump, Reynard, hump!" and "f*** the pillow!" didn't help matters either. And then some idiot suggested that the moaning had to be in sync with that thumping foot. And THEN we had to reshoot the scene. Oh Man.

But that sorry episode aside... the rest of the shooting more or less went in the same way. I guess I can't complaing about the numerous delays. We were really all film virgins and Nawaz and Eva really did a fantastic job of pulling the whole thing through. But now I understand what Beck means when she says film people are "night owls". And what those film actors mean when they say all the sleep they get is 40 winks between shoots. That was exactly as much sleep as we got. I only saw a bed the first night for about two hours (yes, the girls sleep on the same humped bed, with the same humped pillows. As Jon would say - it was nasty). But we only got about and hour or so's sleep thanks to Nawaz the goblin cackling at Pulp Fiction in the living room. And the guys - well they had a tong xiao Winning Eleven session, the idiots. The next night I went home, thank God, because I had Cheeze's dance the next day. But I can imagine no one else slept at all. The night after that... was mad. We filmed non-stop THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT. Winston's to Lionel's. Back to Winston's. In the basement carpark. With all the pro-looking lighting and camera's and wires. And the the not-so-pro NTUC trolley and PVC-piping tracks. And I slept sitting on the floor in the carpark. Suicidal or what? But it was fun in a sort of very slightly reckless way.

Speaking of filming. We lived off the food at Al-Ameen. Don't think any of us will be having prata voluntarily any time soon.

Right now I'm also in the midst of the Dance Ensemble Camp. Very tired (duh!) especially since I had, like, one 14 hour sleep session to get over the filming. But the last couple of classes were really cool. The hiphop class from the Jay Chou / Jolin Tsai choreographer was good, but I still think it defies everything I've even learnt in ballet. Jazz was good too... I like hiphop jazz. Very Britney Spears, but very fun. A tad much ass-waggling, though.

In the course of the past week also went down to TNS to clear up after '3'. Big waste of time, really, since Yan and Ave had almost finished the miniscule amount of things to be done by the time I got there. We did spend some time hunting aroung for non-clothes props, only to discover that TC ahd already returned them all... *sigh* Had a nice quick dinner with Ave after where we swapped film-making stories, and at least trooping down to TNS saved me from having to act a make-out scene for "Flipside". Like I was telling Ave - how to do that when En Ying has never even had a boyfriend? And yesterday I went to the Greenhouse Readings with Wei and Yan. I won't talk to much about it save that it was pretty well done and Chen Seong's script kicked ass. Fantastic stuff. I know nuts about playwrighting but the themes are clear, the dialogue was witty and revealing and the dramatogoly was very very well done. Of course there were a couple of to-work-on bits especially in some aspects of character development but all in all Chen Seong writes plays that are the director's dream. Brilliant guy.

Right then, I'm off for a nap now. Funk class in the afternoon. *ouch*.

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