Sunday, 14th December '03

I'm Never Gonna Dance Again, Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

I should really stop putting these song quotes on as titles when they're at best only remotely related to the stuff I'm going to write about. *sigh*

But HELL WEEK IS OVER! The bulk of "Flipside" filming is done *phew*, and the Dance Ensemble assesment is over *PHEW*. I can, for a while at least, put the bloody Luigui exercises out of thought - but not out of mind. I CANNOT BELIEVE that there I was having dinner with Mom and Dad and the words "side-back-front-out... plie, balance, come back" occurred to me out of NOWHERE. It's things like this about dancing that creep me out. Tzo, remember "doo doo doo doo doo?" (Laoshi's SYF thing)? ARGH. If I'm not careful I might actually become this dance-geek. But Luigui nightmares aside, no more worries about Zaini frowing away at us. Or having my heart drop to the soles of my ballet shoes when Zaki came in (yeah, that guy who directed the Miss Singapore Universe thing. If you've seen the shots of that affair you'll understand why my heart followed the aforementioned trajectory). YEAH!!! So I'm never gonna dance again, not for the next three days till Cheeze drags us down for more practices. EVERYTHING HURTS. Bloody Luigui (yes, I never mention this without the gory adjective) is a pain in the butt. And everywhere else, really.

But all that having been said, am very happy with the stuff I have done over the past week. Have learnt *puts on Honky accent* HIP-P HOP-P from the Jay Chou / Jolin Tsai cheoreographer - traditional, house (this is fun) and girls hiphop (En Ying is hopeless at this - not good). Have learn lyrical and street jazz from Laura Bong (dunno spelling) - street jazz, as I said before, I like a lot. Have even learnt (well struggled to learn, anyway) popping and locking and very basic breaking from Lionel Araya. If there's one thing that ballet does not prepare you to learn, it's this last genre. We all looked like fish out of water. ELECTROCUTED fish. But it's cool... our seniors did a magic job of organising the camp... so many different styles and new things to try - and for free!

Have caught myself grooving in my chair to the radio. I have not stopped dancing since Tuesday. And I can't stop now. *gets increasingly frantic* It's becoming Pavlovian. I hear music, I move. Shit, I'm a dance-geek.

Hum dee dum. Side-back-front-out; plie, balance, come back.

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