Monday, 22nd December '03

The Adventures of Foil Girl

Damn eventful day, this. Met Ave to go bum and dye my hair and it was pretty great meeting up with her again, without any TFYE stuff to worry about. Felt a bit paiseh that apart from spending 4 hours in the salon (and all for my hair) we didn't do too much... hope she had a nice time with Xiaozhaung after that. =) But she had fun (I hope) taking lots of photos of me in various amusing / embarrassing situations. Glamour shots, these are not. That's one crazy girl for you, matched only by Angela's trigger happiness last year when I did the then-christianed "blonde chicken" look. But now I have purple streaked hair and am quite pleased with it. Yes, purple, don't do a doubletake.

Ave amusing herself with Cosmopolitan.

The HAIR. *muahahaha*

What I was NOT pleased about was that after the nice blow-drying and slight styling they did for me, I met Charlotte and we made our way to Chris' place... and BLOODY HELL. There we were trying to save money by taking the bus, which by some freak-of-nature cum ultimate- disaster-movie cum murphy's-law-in-its-element chance, the bus took 35 minutes to come while I stood at the busstop, my pant legs slowly but surely taking in all the water on the ground. The taxi queue was phenomenal, my nose was getting cloggier, Char's toes were getting soggy. We eventually got on the bus but overshot the stop and wound up in the middle of nowhere. It was drizzling only slightly so we walked, but midway the rain got heavier, but since we had past the point of no return, we had to keep going. And Chris' house is way way way away from the main road. The roads started flooding, the pavments actually had BREAKS in them where all manner of water retaining weeds grew, so we had to ditch our solitary umbrella and make standing broad jump-esque leaps over the weeds... basically we got very wet lah. In the clothes that were supposed to see me through a movie and a stayover at a yet unidentified house.

The party itself was the best... it was really really good to see all the 21st who I hadn't seen in ages, Mother Esther / Grandaunt? Charn who I hadn't seen since they left for Australia in February, Aunties Pork and Beef, and Luk and Heng came home! And the one I was really glad to see Alvina, who I haven't seen since THE LAST CHIRSTMAS PARTY. What can I say, I love the 21st. And it was heartwarming to share our lives again, share our woes, and see how much we've grown as people and how we've shaped our thoughts and ideals along the way.

And then there was THE MOVIE. Ha! The greatest showbiz event of this year - the Return of the King. All I can say was, it rocked. It really did. I think most of the credit has to go to Tolkien's original book, of course, but Jackson and gang did a fantastic job of translating the book to the big screen. This one installment alone seems like it's going to be enough to turn me into a LOTR junkie like a la Qionghui. I loved the way the story was so simple, yet so filled with parallels and imagery and symbolism. And the movie was so immaculately shot, the cast so fitting in their roles... and everything done with such evident, tender, loving care. Can't wait for my marathon with Gerri, Qiong and Zhihui coming up. One amusing bit though, everyone agreed that while you wouldn't feel the length of the movie, you'd definately feel the butt-ache. And it's amusing that the one line that I think made the most impact on me was poor Leggy's "A Diversion." It was just so odd I started laughing out loud. And that the first assement of the movie I got from Jia and Kai (sperately) were worded exactly the same - i.e. "He's so cute..." - and that they didn't even see a need to name the "he". Erm, who? Gimli? *grin* But seriously, this trilogy has definately hit pop-icon status like no other. The Star Wars of our generation. Once again, as with every movie I feel strongly for, I want to be a part of one with a similar far-reaching effect. In Gossip I would have been the clapper, or a "mouth". Here, just let me be and orc or something.

But my life was never meant to be perfect and staying over at Ben's last night I also got hit with mad stomach cramps and mild diarrhoea. Crap lah. I lost another night I could have been enjoying time with the Smubs.

Current mood: tired, a little disappointed, but contented. The parents issue still weighs a little heavily on my mind, but it was good talking it over with Gnet, Kai and Bert yesterday. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

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