Sunday, 28th December '03

The Parties

Wow. The last two - three? I can't count anymore - days were crazy whirlwind days matched only by... hmm. They're uncontested, actually. Not by anything in my rather un-havocy life. Quite, quite mad.

Let's start with Thursday night, shall we? Or rather Friday morning, when I got to bed at the unholy hour of 5 am. Why? Because I was cleaning my room. Like I told Chris Ho, by the end of it I could finally see my floor! How cool! And I can actually walk from one end of my room to the other in a STRAIGHT LINE! And without stubbing my poor long-suffering toes on random pointy things sticking out of the mess on the floor! Am too excited for words.

And then I somehow drag myself out of bed to pick up Gerri, Zhihui and Qiong up at Bedok Interchange so then could come over to watch... (well, whaddaya know?) Lord of the Rings. Let's just say that conversation from that moment to Saturday seldom strays from the book, the movie, the intricacies of both, the very disturbing effects of the "Very Secret Diaries" on us all - Ok, mostly my fault because I can no longer think about "blowing the Horn of Gondor" in quite the same way - and then... (this makes up a significant portion of the conversation) the idosyncracies of a certain doesn't-have-very-many-lines-in-the-movie-but-has-somehow-ganerned
-himself-a-legion-of-screaming-female-fans elf.

Hang on a sec: here are some photos us trigger happy creatures took with my phone in my now rather immaculate room.

Qiong has this knack of getting caught in the most compromising positions. Wait. That didn't sound too good. *shrug*.

Gerri acts cute.

Me and my six-string.

Zhihui and her boyfriend. No, wait. I refuse to equate Eeyore with Gideon.

Qiong and my six-string (and a decidedly confused expression). Hee hee hee hee hee...

Which goon went and used the portrait mode on Gerri, huh???

Missed the Smub outing and while I really wish I could have gone, I had a really enjoyable, entertaining time with the girls. Wouldn't have missed spending time with people I so seldom see for anything. And woah! Qionghui allowed to lapse into full "Viggorli Lurve" mode is a force to be reckoned with. She's just crazy. She's watched TTT SEVEN times!!! DVD extras and all! I am still reeling from the shock. She's also seen FOTR enough times to anticipate what the characters say... and totally wrecked my suspense when she took the "Fly, you fools!" words right out of Gandalf's mouth. Grr. And she has done it before, mind you, ("Havo dad, Legolas"), after nagging us to look out for Gil-Galad, etc etc... But we love Qiong anyway... =) And *sigh* the VSD's have made me completely unable to watch LOTR in peace. Bad images of the Horn of Gondor, Pip's broken carrot, Sam and the bubble bath, Gandalf and the pointy hat trick, Legolas nancying about on the snow... very disturbing, to say the least.

We also watch about half of the DVD extras... the LOTR extras really do spoil you lah. They're crazy, four to five different commentaries, behind the scenes stuff (a helluva lot of it), and even the MTV spoofs (the Jack Black / Sarah Michelle Gellar one being beautifully edited but decidedly cringe-worthy in terms of plot). And qiong would eventually show us (and then giggle herself stupid) at various Viggo Mortensson / Orlando Bloom interviews / trivia etc. But I do agree, the camaradery the whole cast and crew had and their dedication to the movies really shone through... and watching all the behind the scenes footage was really quite touching to me, since I got to look at it from the point of view of a performer as well as someone who's worked with a large group of people on some arduous draining project, and it was nice that I appreciated the movies more as labours-of-love after. I spent a large portion of time trying to imagine going through the "Flipside" shoot for not four days but 16 months and then upping the intensity level by, oh, I don't know, about a hundred times. Throw in jet-lag, demanding weather, and the difficulty of working with up to thousands of cast members and the training for special skills like swordplay... must have been crazy for all involved. I honestly can't think how they did it. Kinda reminded me of a cross between the 21st and Reproductions, somehow, only much much more intense. Am feeling quite admiring and envious of all the cast and crew now. *sigh*. When I was a kid I always wanted to be part of a big movie... even in the tiniest way, and the stupid DVD extras have gone and awoken the old dream again. And now, for the four of us, the "head bashing + white light" affair is going to be this rib-tickling insider joke for like... forever. *grabs Qiong and gives her an expression of "sudden, violent love"*. Tee hee hee.

So Friday's LOTR total was 11 hours spent on the DVDs, and a good many more (umm, about 5?) hours just talking about it. It's no wonder then, that I had this disconcerting dream about my big silver loop earings popping off my ears and fusing together into this golden one ring to rule them all. I don't even want to think what that says about me - or how the dream would have continued had Qiong not poked me and woke me up.

So LOTR aside there was the ol' Centro Bash. Kudos to Ben, Kai, Ren, Zhen and Junda for organising something like this for all the ex-RJ and whoever else wanted to be involved, but thorough no fault of theirs, stupid Centro played them out on the music front so things didn't go fantastically from then on. My favourite parts of the evening, honestly, involved sitting OUTSIDE centro just chatting with the Smubs and Jianz and Zhihao, and then the Lau Pa Sat supper afterwards. I still maintain clubbing isn't quite my cup of vodka lime (which, inccidentally actually made Zhang Yi DRUNK, amazingly enough), but I had a decent time nonetheless. Ben's already planning next year's bash, so hopefully it will rock. *wink*

Better be off now. More dancing tomorrow. This time to music has some tune and to a dance that is more than just a sweaty, gyrating bop. Thank goodness.

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