Sunday, 4th January '04

2004, Beware My Wrath

'Tis the new year! The year of my twentieth birthday *sigh*, no more xiao hai zi. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I'm not one for making new year resolutions either... I never keep any and I never see why there is a wait for the new year to resolve to make a difference in my life. I make resolutions all year round (and break them all year round too). =) But just for good measure here are some I've come up with:
- return library books. ON TIME. Not eventually.
- mug. DAMN HARD.
- mug. PERIOD.
- mop the floor more often. And empty the trash.
- read the news. Or at least watch it.
- remember watch TV. Especially Scrubs.
- be grateful, not jealous.
- pray.

I promise myself this will be a good year, and I will be a good person to be around. I will enjoy myself, I will be disciplined but I will not live a wasted life. I will dance around my room when I'm stressed and I will write a song / script when I'm depressed. Yay.

And tomorrow (today? It's now past twelve) school will start. Have honestly been partying a bit too much and wasting too much time this hols, but this is no time to regret it. In actual fact I don't, I would have regretted not spending time with the Smubs and the 401 Gang even more. But it's not stopping me from feeling somewhat out of breath when I'm at the verge of what promises to be yet another hectic semester. Have not done any advance-reading, mind, and have just bought a new (sci-fi) book courtesy of Tzo's Physics genius. And now my left foot's got pins and needles in it. You can tell I'm getting cranky at the meer prospect of starting school.

Which is odd. I LIKE Law, remember? I'm now reminded forcefully of those times in primary school when I'd be just terrified of starting the school year without having a concrete reason why. I'm now too old to be this terrified, but let's just say I'm unsettled. More so than when school was starting after the post-A's, eight month hiatus. I believe we call this stress. *grumble*

And I still have a bed and table-load to personal junk to pack up before I crash. And a floor to mop. Looks like I'm going to get an early start on the breaking of the resolutions. *growl*

Watch out, 2004!

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