Tuesday, 6th January '04

My Baby's Got A Secret... Ooh...

Let me first state that grey looks on pink like Christina Aguilera's dress sense - i.e. I couldn't possibly think of anything worse.

Having got that out of the way, TFYE has started again. Oops. Wait, pardon, mon amis, we have graduated! *whoops and cheers* Prep for M1 Theatre Connect thus begins good and proper. Like I was telling Yan as we walked from the bus-stop... once we step underground, there's no turning back. Past the point of no return, and I'm guessing we won't see the sun much. Figuratively speaking.

Attendance was amazing, much thanks to the new folks to join our mostly-happy little family, Audrey (SM) and Mei (ASM), Audrey's nags and threats. *big smile* I'd say we need it. We had all but one today, and it was reminescent of this reunion dinner type senario:
"Sitiiiii!!! Whassap???"
"Tashaaaa!!! You rebonded your hair!!!"
Ha, it was fun. Geraldine's still absent, Ave's still this little girl with the huge personality, Yan's his brooding stoic self with the same rare outbreaks of shining grins, Siti's still this bouncy mad thing, Tasha's got the straight hair, Wei's still suffering from post A-levels traumatic syndrome, Jo's still 2D (I mean that in a good way!), HP has Amery in tow, Fit is ever the rebel, Krystal's still the Chinese Language's antichrist, Beck is stunned from media law (can you believe they summarised all my Sem 1 work in 2 hours?) and Errol is still... *frown*... um, a character and TC seems to have no alternative cold-wear to the SAJC sweater. Again.

So it's nice now to see how much we've changed and how much we haven't and I liked that we all had time to sit and bum and talk while other more important things were going on - more on that later. And my organiser looks adequately vandalised for the start of the season. Ave's entry was a particular highlight. *pounce*.

Secrets From My Room. Right. We recreated comfortable settings for ourselves today, and I really wished for my camera to capture our little dens. It was like building those hidey holes like when we were kids, and I had forgotten how much fun it was to do all that. My resourcefulness needed a little shaking into action though. Must be careful not to grow up. Not now, at least =). The one by one we invited TC into the hidey holes for a cuppa and a chat on a deep dark secret we each had. Suffice to say it was like having a deliver-to-your-doorstep pyschiatrist, but while having that nagging feeling that you'd better get it out alright becuase all that while you're talking, the great brain is churning out ideas for the coming script. *gulp* Sorry if the entries on SFMR are ambiguous from now on. We're sworn to secrecy.

And the brochure is out! So much for all Wee Khim's nagging, our main picture is still one of the not-so-nicest. The Such Sweet Sorrow pics, on the other hand, were edited superbly. Will scan in the brochure as soon as we're allowed to disclose it. And check it out, we're worth $15! Not bad, not bad. Press launch coming too, and once again I'm wowed by the magnitude of this and wondering if I have taken on too much.

Shucks. Should go read contract cases. *rains on own parade* But on another note, this is some good shit.

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