Saturday, 10th January '04

Field Trip, Anyone? / Seventeen

Some random photos to start us off. Have realized that this Nokia 3200 actually takes stuff with pretty decent resolution, but I'm afraid the bumping bus wasn't quite conducive to taking good pictures. So bear with me, yeah?

I'm also too much in a rush to put up nice captions.

Field trip on Thursday was altogether fun, but damn exhausting. I can't tell why either... you'd think taking a bus around half of Singapore wouldn't be so bad, right? In a nutshell (this being part of the "Secrets" devising stage - heavens knows what TC is up to!), we each had previously identified a place that meant something to each of us in relation to that deep dark secret we shared on Tuesday (cf "My Baby's Got a Secret... Ooh..."). Today we visited a selection of the places in turn. There were supposed to be seven in total but we only got 'round to Changi Airport - my Coffee Club is GONE! *WAIL*, Errol's room, Wei's room and Beck's playground. Too bad we couldn't see the rest of the places because of sheer time constraints. Meanwhile some rules were set in place by the pesky "adults". No talking to TC or Audrey, no private transport either, and this for some reason included taxis.

And of course, true to the spirit of rebellion that's supposed to be the essence of "Secrets From My Room", we HAD to take cabs. Haha... I wonder what kind of scriptwriting fodder TC got out of that!

Wei, Yan, Beck and I were also speculating on the point of this entire exercise. We came up with various ideas like TC was observing the interactions to work out who could work with who, or to get himself a feel of the group dynamics (what sia, like Survivor). But since we had to take a video at each location to prove we had been there, Wei thought he might be planning one of those sentimental VCD gifts at the end of the production. Wouldn't put it past him either. But my best guess is that he just wanted us to learn to work together and have some quality bonding time.

Field trip aside, there was the Seventeen interview the next day. Mildly freaky, is how I'd classify the experience. Might be the residual effect of too many DIGUSTING scholarship interviews (that had equally unimpressive results), but the fact that someone was taking down my every word for publishing had me feeling VERY uncomfortable. You know, the fear that you'd say something that would make me look stupid for life - even by the standards of a teenybopper mag - or something that would wind up being inflamatory or defamatory to anyone in TNS or in "Secrets" when I don't mean it. One safety net though, I don't think anyone I know ACTUALLY reads Seventeen, right? *crosses fingers*. Hopefully that means they won't see my really constipated-looking photograph either. This just confirms it, I'll NEVER be a model. *grin*.

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