Saturday, 10th January '04

'Three' and Post-'Three' Photos. At Last.

Whee! About time I had some original pictures up here. Thanks a billion to Jia for the camera. Sorry if the scanning is poor, had to do it in a rush.

The kind folks who came to watch 'Three', the matinee. From left, Winston, Jia, me, Alex, Kai, Dre, Hanting. Thanks too to Liang, both Ying and Si and Mich.

Just the three of us. The Pig, the Angel, and the Powerpuff Girl.

Fit and I in a precarious position.

The cast of Act 1, candidly shot. Jo, Me, Fit, Beck and Errol.

The full cast. Need I say more?

Me peering into the washing. I'm hoping what we washed did not include Errol's "magic wanking pants".

Swirling costumes.

Ave holding up something or other. The dryer makes clothes nice, warm and fluffy!

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