Tuesday, 13th January '04

Folks, I'd Like To Introduce... Skittles!

Today has been a satisfactory day on all counts, and an abysmal one on the count of reading-up-for-tomorrow's-lectures. But I need to get this down before anything else. Partially because I know in the rush of other things that I need to do, I will forget everything I'm about to write and partially because I'm a mugger toad. And hence I take notes. It ain't just VJ kids, you know. Yes, you know who you are. *wink*.

And I apologise once again for a cryptic, inconsiderate entry which the vast majority will not understand. I would elaborate if I could, but no time and no drive, really. Yes, yes, why blog if no one understands, but I've become too accustomed to using this as my Secrets / TFYE journal, so might as well continue.

So, here we are. Folks, I'd like to introduce... Skittles! Skittles, meet The Folks. Right, we're on our way.

What's Skittles like? Well, I just met her myself. See (sshhh! Skittles isn't supposed to know this yet) Skittles can be quite a trying character. She's pretty self-centered, and she's old, but she refuses to admit it, act like it. She's vulturish, she's fascinated with death and likes to be around death. Death is the most important thing to her, because it means food. You could say she's selfish, and she can come off as only wanting attention. But maybe she's just focused, and single-minded about what she wants. And she knows she's old and dying, and the irony doesn't escape her, so maybe she's rushing to get what she wants before her time runs out. I'm not sure yet, I just met her, see, it's too early to judge. If I should even judge at all.

Skittles might be closer in behaviour to that annoying sucidal cockroach, but she trusts Wonderwoman the most. Wonderwoman just feels to her more genuine and sincere, somethings she's not sure she's felt from the other characters she's met yet. She really doesn't think very much of Cindy Crekpot, becuase Cindy doesn't strike her as someone who thinks very much anyway. And out of all the characters she's met, Skittles is still pretty private and still focused on getting close to death, so she isn't likely to want to spend the rest of forever with anyone. After all, she needs someone or something to die. Soon. She's either to weak or too kind or too afraid to kill it herself. She's also not about to hurt anything to which it would matter.

But one things I do know about Skittles. She's a kid at heart, really, and she's also my baby.

Excuse me while I put Skittles to bed. She's kinda tired now.

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