Thursday, 15th January '04

So Who Killed The Invisible Man?

Right. One more mysterious entry for y'all.

"So you think I killed him? You all are mad. Sitting here while the murderer is at large. Yeah, what do you know? I don't kill things, alright? I take what's dead. Oh, try and attack me, will you? You'll see where that'll get you. And listen up everyone, people that talk to themselves are questionable, alright? People that talk to things... look that that flower. It's got him on a leash, if you don't seperate them we might all well be dead. And it's flinging things around, little particles, doesn't that worry you? Hey, it got torn apart, he wouldn't let it go. I was following instructions, he killed his own flower. I proved my worth, what did he?"

"And yes, Roach, you moved nearer to me just now. You just said your intuition was never wrong. So won't you trust me now? Won't any of you? Or have you all the IQ of a Primary Two kid? Ah, what you know? That really IS the highest education level you have, isn't it. Yeah, thought so. I don't have the power to decide, alright? I eat things that are ALREADY DEAD! Or have you the memory span of a foetus?"

"You say you'll go to sleep. This is a wake, for the love of Mike. Sprawled out in front of the coffin, you think you're trying to catch the one who killed him, while I'm the only one showing him the tinest ounce of respect. Where the HECK are you going? If you leave now and the next one of us dies... come here!"

"*sigh* Here comes the psychic again, you've gotta tell me why you don't want to die. Gosh, do you all have poor reasons! Maybe there IS no reason any of you should stay alive. You'll make me a deal - stop it, alright! I DON'T DECIDE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE! I'll only take what's already gone! It's my part in the cycle of life, will you judge me on that? You, if you'd kill chickens that were perfectly alive before what's stopping you from killing that stupid cockroach? Or me, for that matter? Don't you touch me. God knows what you'd plant in my feathers."

"Ok, you know what, it's morning, that cratered creature's shift is up. I'll take you on your deal, I won't kill you - wasn't planning to! - but you have to help me find a garbage dump in the east. I just need it, is all. I need to go that way. I won't touch you, I'll stay behind, you can walk in front, all of you together. I can't kill you if I can't touch you, and if you all stick together, geez. Please? I need to get to the rubbish dump, I do. Thanks, thank you so much."

"Shit, why's everyone dead?"

Again, sorry for the mumbo jumbo.

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