Monday, 19th January '04

M1 Theatre Connect Press Conference Dress Run

Have to say I got a little trigger happy tonight, but it tonight was really quite an exciting experience. For two reasons: (a) Obviously, tomorrow will be the first press conference I ever attend, and needless to say that has a certain effect of making one feel a tad more important than one really is. (b) Velvet Underground / Zouk / Phuture look so much better when there is adequate lighting. I'm not a dark person, and I'm guessing not many of us get to see these nice clubs in a behind-the-scenes sort of way, so here we go! As usual, place your cursor over the pics to see my captions.

Velvet Underground. Where the whole affair will be held. As you can see, blatent defience is my middle name. This is a pretty door handle! So we enter the area to find...
Patience, young padawan, we are still entering... (this is the Velvet corridor) That the place had all been nicely set up and waiting for the event. By the way, an old empty warehouse invites mischief from... Me! I actually had a nicer shot coming but Audrey wouldn't let me *pout*. This is me attempting to crawl thorough the little window the bartenders pass the drinks out of.
As, I was saying, the place was nicely set up. This is a table display along the lines of the 'Such Sweet Sorrow' theme. Funeral alter-ish. HP, Beck and Tasha. Krystal, Tasha and I in negative mode.
Yan's hair looks fine despite the rain. Wonder Woman toses her mane. *moans a la Clairol Herbal Essences advertisment* Time to start exploring.
Funny how the entrance to Zouk also looks kinda like the gateway to hell. Don't know what I took these for. It's not dark enough to see the stars and planets on the ceiling glowing. Also went into phuture and was amazed an how nice it was to just waltz in without having to battle the crowd. Did you know Zouk had an ADMIN OFFICE? Neither did I. So weird. Ssshhh. Snuck around to take this photo.

I really have a million things to do tonight and it's already so so late! *sigh*. In quick summary, today was really quite a day and it was nice to see first hand how the pros work. Kind of inspiring, if you ask me, to watch them listen so disciplinedly to Sean and Isis, no smart mouthing, no interrupting and always on cue, always giving 100% performances and yet being so amicable offstage. And Sheikh Haikel and Anabelle Francis have to be the sweetest, most loving couple I have ever seen. Also the friendliest, comepltely-no-airs-about-them celebs I know of. So while my role in this the event is pretty minimal, I'm, as always, thankful for every eye-opening op I get.

Now I HAVE to get back to research. I can think of another choice profanity, but for now let's just say it rhymes with "Ah Pei".

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