Tuesday, 20th January '04

M1 Theatre Connect Press Conference... or, simply summarized, JiggleFreezeConfessEat.

Koped photo from Huipeng, which will have to do till Meimei sends me the photo she's supposed to. This is the most of the Secrets cast in the front, anticlockwise from bottom left *deepbreath* AveFitBeckYanWeiMeSiti(andherfabuloushair)HuipengTasha&Krystal (just in case I haven't identified us all yet at some point). Behind us from the right, the older portion of the Mixed Blessings cast, DaisySubinKayTong&Catherine. And next to them is one evidently-a-bit-high Anabelle from Such Sweet Sorrow. This is the waiting area behind the Velvet stage, where we spent the better part of the evening.

*yawn*. Very Tired now, and that is becoming quite a common phenomenom as far as this body is concerned. I have also realised just about all but one of the January musings have been Secrets From My Room related. Evidently, nothing much else is happening in my life and I guess you can tell by the frequency of update - which I maintain are DAMN FREQUENT THANKYOUVERYMUCH *glares at Limin, Tzo and Qiong* - that I don't have time for much else other than this and school.

So before I lauch right into the substantive discussion of the day (err. Yeah, too many in-class presentations _do_ take their toll), I'll just give y'all a very-exteremely-super-ultra quick summary of life as me as it is right now: Wake up, drag myself to school, attempt to listen and dutifully jot down notes, attempt to understand the moral conundrums of Criminal Law, attempt to understand Contract Law which is getting harder by the minute, actually feel thankful that I love what I'm doing and and willing to put myself through this torture, attempt to participate in Legal Writing despite being horribly HORRIBLY irritated with this department for assigning one crappy-ass research memo to be done over CHINESE NEW YEAR, attempt to do research for aforementioned memo and fail miserably, attempt not to curse all the decendents and future great great great grandchildren of the bloke who drafted the (a) Statue of Frauds (b) Civil Law Act (c) Employment Act (d) Penal Code, actually winding up cursing the fella who drafted the Penal Code but restrain myself from visiting the sins of the father unto the sons, do absolutely no prior reading or homework, drag myself with considerably less effort to either TNS or Cairnhill Arts Centre and get totally mystified by TC's instructions (this bit has been remedied very much since last night when he finally revealed half of his bag of tricks), drag myself home and attempt to do some reading before falling asleep, dragging myself awake again and repeating the cycle ad infinitum. *sweatdrop* In between, of course, I find the sinful time to blog and upload photos, unconscionable, decadent and entirely evasive of my better responsibilities though this activity is.

And a couple of exciting events have taken place since the last time I gave a good and proper update of my life. The exchange students came from all over the world and we had a decent 8-course Chinese dinner with them. Had Daniel and Linda from Canada at my table and it was cool to swap stories about things as simple as food and educate them on the ways to eat yusheng and durian etc etc. In turn, they regaled us with their take on PGP (Prince Georges Park Residence, this chi-chi non-hall hostel in NUS), and various tidbits of law we haden't yet studied. Did you know if you find a large rock in the middle of the sea and reclaim a suitable amount of land around it you actually OWN a new island? And it's legal? Wow.

Aside from that, two German exchange guys, Andy and Morris have joined my Criminal Law class and hopefully we didn't freak them out / disappoint them with today's tutorial. Which, by the way was awfully amusing since we would up discussing what happened on the Practice last night. Moral implications, insanity, etc etc. Lovely. Ha.

And I am rapidly phantomising from Kent Ridge. I hate being so anti-social, but I'm never even back in time for supper, so what can I do? Even Winston and Jon worry about my conspicuous absence, that's how bad it is.

And yes, there was also the press conference. As usual, the Nokia 3200 is an amazing asset.

A glimpse of the stage before everything is set up. Siti's getting her hair done for her exerpt. Am rather disappointed I forgot to get a picture of Errol in his hilarious cockroach feelers.
'Kiam pah, hmm?!?' Notice Ave's carrom striker earrings. Face off. My hair looks more anime then ever. Glow Girls Huipeng and Krystal.
Checking in our bags for safekeeping. The coaster and matchbox we all koped for souvenirs.

After a quick warm up run we all ducked "backstage" (kinda outside the bar area where they store the ice machines) and wasted time till the journos settled. Sang the odd pop songs of the moment - Heeeeyyyy... yyyaaaa.... / Hey Britney, you say you wanna loose control / Hey Mama, tis the shit that make you move Mama / 1,2,3, take my hand and come with me - you get the idea. Generally bummed a lot, and Mei Mei took a nice group photo of all the cast of Secrets, Mixed Blessings and Haikel and Anabelle represented Such Sweet Sorrow. Will upload photo when I get it. Then the thingie began.

So essentially what we did was chiong around the stage and freeze at odd intervals for the various actors to play out scenes from the three plays / specially written teasers. My personal favourite scene was "Adrian Lim" and his "Palm That Fears No Sword". Very interesting twist given to that classic Singaporean murder trial, and a very nicely played out monologue. Even his cussing was rib-tickling and it me and Beck just wound up grinning insanely at each other onstage to keep from giggling out loud. The journos ate that one up, along with Haikel's tummy wobble and Subin Subiah's enthusiastic non-line-dance. Needless to say, Errol's feelers couldn't go unnoticed either.

After that we did this confessional booth thing (remember, theme is SECRETS) a la Survivor and it was "telecast" live around Velvet. No one really noticed us much, I don't think. Then, there was food and free flow of Coke and selected alcohol. And we all got excellent goody bags to take home... my favourite new toy is a pair of boxing gloves, real life-size ones, sponsored by Anchor Beer. And this new blank notebook from Parco Bugis junction. And odd goodies I have no idea what to do with include a micro-mini back-pack (like, my Eeyor toy could use it) from M1 and an FM radio that only broadcasts 89.3 from TVMobile. But who's complaining, I love goodies. *chuckle*.

Right, I promised myself I'd read a case before bed, so night for now, I hope this entry was satisfying! I will not blog again till next Monday as I need to focus on my memo, so Babs and all, hope this is a solid enough account to keep y'all happy till then! =)

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