Sunday, 1st February '04

Of Latex and Receeding Hairlines


Sorry, just removing my face. =)

Anyone seen "Extreme makeover"? (No, Qiong, Queer Eye does NOT count). Well, normally one tries to look younger and prettier. Haa, for Secrets, we do not. So fun.

I'm glad make-up trials occured today to relieve a bit of the tension that has been steadily mounting in the rehearsal room. Honestly, I'm very tired too, and I would love to kick back and have fun, relaxed TFYE sessions again. But something in the ridiculous prefectionist I am tells me this is how it's going to be if we're going to get results. I don't care if my director screams at me or if my role is damn bitty - both of which is the case - but I want a good show. Heaven forbid anything crash and burn because I'm not doing my part. Sure, I could wish I had more lines, and as a matter of fact, I do. I'm not so selfless or altruistic that I don't realise I can count my lines on my fingers or that I'm the only dope not in the Prologue / Epilogue and with the fewest scenes. But I deal and I think I have faith that all my fellow cast mates will deal as well. If there's anything I took home from that gut-wrenching day-before-RGS-Nite in secondary 4, which has me both despising (for his complete disregard for personal feelings and sacrifice) and thanking (for showing me how real life IS tough) the teacher in charge, it's that shows don't revolve around one performer's - or any performer at all's - individual feelings.

But I have again proven my unwavering ability to digress from anything.

Where was I. Oh yes, liquid latex is fun to put on and learning to do it for ourselves was even more so. I thought I was giving Siti a lot of trouble with my uncontrollable giggling (try having a hair-dryer with conld air turned in your face and the wind blowing up and down ur cheeks and hairline. Damn ticklish) and facial squirming, and gripes about how bad the latex smelt (like an old rotting balloon). Well, at least I thought so until the joker Roach next to me made so much noise complaining about the whole process that two people had to yank his face (part of the application process) and I had to support his sweaty / gelly head while poor Ave latexed him. It was comic lah, him whingeing about the hairdryer and Ave getting irked enough to thump him on the nose with it. Poor Yan was the guinea pig of the day... did everything first and came out looking like a ghost because the make-up artist was still experimenting. Poor Ave, who had to swap places with her latexing partner and turned out looking very strange. Not old, strange. Poor Siti whom I very "chorlorh-ly" (vocabulary courtesy of our giggling SM's) latexed and who wound up looking like a shrivelled old prune / decomposing Egyptian mummy. And not-so-poor everyone else that came later and only had to go through half a face of latexing.

Pulling latex off is no joke. Expecially when it sticks to you hair. Krystal really made sure we all knew how much it hurt *ow, my ears* and when it came to doing it myself... ok lah, it's quite a chore when it comes to the hairline / eyebrow area. There was this piece I pulled off that looked like half a pom pom. So exciting! Jo and Weiling, will, however, vouch that it enhances complexion. Works like a pore pack, or something. I think my face is smoother, but I'm also closer to an outbreak.

But I think the best part of the day, aside from learning some real stage make-up (not the kind that I whack together every year for Dance Nite) was confirming I won't be wearing a beak for Secrets despite Errol's TC-directed exhortations to the contrary. Go me.

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