Thursday, 12th February '04

Bleeps, Bloopers and Blunders

I know, I know, I promised myself and y'all that I would sit at home / hall and guai guai write my memorial. But tak boleh tahan lah. Blog withdrawal symptoms or something.

So anyway, reheasal today was the most fun it has been in a long time, mostly thanks to Tasha and her ditziness (entirely fake. *looks puzzled* Right?). And then a lot of odd things happened and each looked like great fodder for a title, but not really much to blog about, you know? And you had to be there to know what it was like. We had our unflappable director and SM sniggering into their scripts as well. So today was a whole lot more relaxed than usual.

Take a look at some of the brilliant titles I had to throw away:

Char Siew Baos Are Messy Things *chomp chomp*
I Had To Wash My Face With MAMA LEMON (!!)
And Then... And Then... The Police! Police! *miserable siren noises*
Caught In (various odd positions in the course of) The Act
I Have Many Sewers At The Lovage
You're Ugly. *repeat till perfect*

Bleeps, bloopers and blunders are lovely things. Garbled lines on the first day off the script. More blocking and tweaking. Tasha is fantabulously funny, she just had me rolling all over the floor (and simultaneously polishing the parquet, I suspect). Beck did a pretty nice job with the funeral scene too, I thought, really made me sit up and listen and I think that's hard to do when so many people are onstage. Things are coming along decently overall, and my character has undergone a complete revamp. For one thing, it's a lot easier to play. I don't know whether I'm entirely estatic about that, since I won't be learning as much (but then maybe I should take my time) and I have to rethink my motivations for just about ALL my scenes. But no problem. Once I dig the char siew out of my nose.

Other classic moments: anything with Tasha in it, she's got excellent comic timing. Errol throwing this mock tantrum at his knee guards (he's actually being pretty good about crawling around like this every single day. Other people I know would have whinged a whole lot more, not to say that he doesn't). Every line with bird-women in it. Beck swishing Jo's hair again and again while trying to brandish a rag, and losing it everytime. Every single time we cut the scene and someone was caught in the middle of an enthusiastic performance. Discovering I still have char siew in the cuffs of my pants, what a mess.

Heh. Good stuff to fix in my mind before the next stressful rehearsal and TFYE politics catch up with us again. But for now, laughter binds, and it's all good.

On another note, it gets lonely acting a lonely character. Kind of distanced from the rest, in a way, not getting to share all the fun of the mass scenes and only building a true relationship with Siti's character. But well, part of the job, yes?

Remind me to bring my Clean & Clear to the next rehearsal.

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