Monday, 16th February '04

Now I Know Why Lawyers Carry Toothbrushes To Work

Ah. Being freed from yet another excruciating assignment is good. In case anyone on MSN is wondering, David Ho isn't some poor sod who jilted me, don't worry. He's just an ex-client I'm preparing to bury six feet under when the moots come around. Oh, come on, at least let me get in som faux confidence before the darling judges tear me to pieces and leave me for dead.

Ho, hmm. Anyway... yes! I am free for a teeny bit. Maybe until dinner today, after which I will have to pia for the Criminal tutorial; after which I will have to pia for the infinitely more pia-worthy Contract tutorial; after which I will have to spend ANOTHER entire weekend pia-ing the Legal Theory exam paper and missing my Saturday fix of Secrets rehearsals _again_; immediately upon submission of which I will spend the next week pia-ing (sense a pattern here?) the Criminial Term Paper, which will hopefully not be as bad as to make me miss yet another Saturday's rehearsal. Yes. Listen to me whine. Ave thinks I get off on it. Maybe I do, but all this pia-ing? Now I know why lawyers carry toothbrushes to work. Dangnabbit.

Well anyway today was an alright day, considering half the Year 1 population slept for less than 2 hours last night. For the record, I got 1 hour, but oh well. Everyone was just kind of drifting around school, it was like... zombies in the daytime. Thank goodness we had Eleanor Wong for the Legal Writing lecture today... she completely kicks ass. And she even showed us a video one of her earliest Jessup moots! Despite laughing ourselves silly at the 80's hair and general youthfulness, it really was quite inspiring to see one of Singapore's law greats started out as a trembling, sheepish girl too. There is hope for me yet. *grin*

And I have chosen a fine time to get hooked on Spider Solitaire. *sigh* My mind's eye now sees mages of my tutorial group sitting outside the law library playing on our laptops with Guojian going "piew piew piew piew!" everytime he dealt... crazy, we are. =) Off to play now! Then a short nap. Heh.

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