Wednesday, 18th February '04

The Happy Camper

I have no right to be this pleased with myself. But, ah-well-I-am-so-what-do-you-think-you-can-do-about-it? *smug smile*

Whee! There was no Criminal Lecture today, so I had a grand total of 1hr 45 min of lesson time today, less, of you consider that it started late, even.

Followed up the tutorial by trotting off with Liang, Alvin and Yun Song to SIM for lunch. My gosh. The canteen and cafe rock. Had the most satisfying lunch in a long time... spaghetti carbonara and this mega-special banana shake. *smacks lips* I swear it beats the Bizad canteen anyday. Obviously, while waiting (very very long) for our food to arrive, Yun Song and I couldn't resist taking some photos of the slightly creepy food displays. Too bad I didn't get to meet up with Chris... he didn't go to school today... but Chris, do these look familiar to you?

Anyways, go ahead and do the cursor thang, dawg.
Anyone find this picture SLIGHTLy disturbing?... *looks around frantically for the invisible man*... This is Yun Song showing us all EXACTLY how it works.

On getting back I nua-ed around my room majorly... playing Spider Solitaire again was sinful. Argh. But then Ave called and said rehearsal was cancelled as TC fell sick. *sigh*. I hope TFYE didn't cause that. Apparently last Saturday (for which I was excused to do my moot memorial) was a very eventful day. But it DID free up an extra five hours or so of me-time.

And just as I was sure I would never haul my sorry ass away from Spider Solitaire, Sabrina messaged suggesting we mug outside. Of course I jumped at that, and we wound up mugging at PGP's Fuzion till nine. AND I FINISHED MY CONTRACT CASES AND TUTORIAL!!! *jumps around excitedly*. I have never done anything Contract so quickly in my life. And one of the waiters seemed to take a shine to Sabrina, so we had endless water refills, heh. And being so happy that we had actually done a load of mugging, we played pool! PGP rocks lah, all these things were available at our fingertips. The pool table was actually IN Fuzion. Anyway, hands were very itchy since I hadn't played since JC2 during orientation for Charybdis. *rolls eyes at own loserness*. We sucked, but it wasn't THAT bad.

And now I'm updating my Links and Musings. =)

This is me... the happy camper.

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