Wednesday, 18th February '04

Massive Pictorial - Chinese New Year / The Redheads.

Chinese New Year - did the usual roving around Singapore and visiting family members jig. And here are some photos to show you what it was like.

It's actually too early on chu yi to go around freaking my grandfather out. My grandmother on the other hand, has no problems with phone cameras.
Hee Ko busys herself with our lunch. Hian Ko's also busy in the kitchen. My poor aunts get it worst during the new year.

On to the other sid of the family. I seem to be shocking people a lot lately, creeping up on them like this. Say hello to Helena (foreground) and Wenyin (the other one). I actually like the angle on this.
Me in girly clothes for CNY. A rare sight indeed. Huiyin seems to like my Legal Writing notes more than I do.

These are pretty flowers. Mich is obviously paying a lot of attention to her homework. I, on the other hand, am way more industrious *gives Mich a superior look*.

And... at the insistent nagging of Weiling, here they are. I have never known anyone to actually WANT to see pictures of themselves having their hair dyed. It is THE most unglam experience. But well. Might I refer you to Weiling's blog for a deatiled report on the entire day?

Ave first.

Steve goes to work smearing bloody looking things on Ave's head. And somehow becomes a bit distracted. Anyways, Ave's dye job is done pretty quickly, since, unlike the indecisive whinger me, she knows exactly what she wants.
Did someone say Saturn? The angelic girl has a halo!


This is the gunk that's going to go on Wei's head. May and Steve try to figure out what the heck to do with Wei's hair. We're gunning for cool-but-won't-make-Wei's-conservative-Mum-disown-her. They decide to give her a little samurai knot.
And Steve goes to work again. Wei is incredibly itchy, and Steve spends half the time grumpily scratching her head with the end of this long-handled Ah Beng comb. That was quite a sight. <br />What Ave calls 'entrails'. =) I don't know why I kept thinking of those Japanese seasoned octopus things. I am NOT the only foilgirl around.
Ta daa! Little Miss Devil.

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