Wednesday, 25th February '04

You've Been Hit By, You've Been Struck By... A Smooth Criminal

And that criminal in question has completely stolen any remaining motivation to study. I swear. I think the criminal's other name is Legal Theory. But argh. Nevermind that now.

Just an interjection of pure joy - MY DOWNLOAD SPEED HAS HIT 58KB! Now I know why I put up with living in a hall.

But where was I? Yes, no motivation to do any mugging whatsoever. But for some odd reason I'm strangely at peace with this. Not like I don't feel guilty. More like, wah liao, can I just have a holiday? I'm too tired to care.

So yes, a quickie Musing in point form.


* Handed up horrific Legal Theory worth-half-my-module's-grade paper. Felt like crap about how I did it, but I honestly had no idea what else to do with the damned thing. Took a little consolation in the fact that everyone else felt like shit too.
* Found out there would STILL be Legal Theory lessons this week. N* b**.
* Contract lecture. Poor Winston really didn't like the lecturer much, and when Winston is being a bitch, it's rather amusing.
* Cheered up considerably after contract lecture. Pretty much consoled by the fact that LAwR tutorial was cancelled and I wouldn't have to stress about the moots for the next couple of days.
* LAWR lecture was very very short. Like 15 min. Cool. Bummed around with the law folks a bit until time to meet Dad.
* Had a fantastic lunch with Dad. I like hanging out with my parents, I don't care how uncool that sounds. When I haven't somehow found a way to make them angry / disappointed like all teenagers so, they're excellent people to be around.
* Really really enjoyed the day bumming with Dad. Went to the bank and settled all my debit card stuff. Finally got everything replaced since I lost my wallet back in August. Now Ross can't diao me about it, and I, on the other hand, can keep bugging him about not having an IC.
* Went to settle Dad's CPF thingamajig. I guess I wasn't much help, but I was company. And I managed to direct him to the Tampines CPF Building. I seldom get to direct my parents anywhere, so that was a mini-victory. Hollow, yeah, but still.
* Went home and turned into a couch potato. The boob tube is my all time electrical appliance. Watched American Idol from last week, and yes, Group 2 was Abysmal (with a capital A as Simon says). Watched last week's Smallville and the plot is getting somewhat cheesy. I like the show, but no alien flick beats Roswell. Really. Watched the Micheal Jackson Number Ones, and was awed all over again. Man is a genius. Actually had a lot of thoughts running through my head about the whole kid-molesting thing and baby-dangling, but I'll save that for another day. The essence of it, is this is a story of someone who's brought so much to the world, given so much of himself and yet has not found happiness. Kind of a thought to ponder. Watched Friends and The Practice.
* Tried to do the blog thing. Progress was decent. But evidently not quick enough.
* Chatted long and hard to Vicki. Heard good things about Chad, and I'm really glad she's found a good guy who she can share her life with.


* No school today. Woke up EXTRAORDINARILY late. Didn't even hear my fire-engine sounding alarm clock throw its daily fits. Dragged myself out of bed at close to 2pm, feeling like a decedant, ill-disciplined little scumbag.
* The scumbag didn't get anymore productive. Decided that downloading the Criminal Assignment would be a good way to sooth the conscience, especially since it was release more than 24 hours ago. Amused self by realizing that the tutor in question named the documant "crass". CRiminal ASSignment. Ah. Printed out question and was greeted by a Taiwanese-serial-esque fact pattern of epic proportions. Aiyoh.
* Decided brain was not cut out for "crass" things this morning. Well, afternoon. It felt like morning anyways. Somehow decided to download Micheal Jackson MTVs. Oh, broadband rocks. In the course of the day (my broadband plan is a _cheap_ one), obtained Thriller, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad and Dirty Diana. Smooth Criminal was amazing, perfect organised mess type of dance. Tzo, go see.
* While I was at it, downloaded John Mayer vids too. Your Body Is A Wonderland, but I'm Bigger Than My Body. Ok lah. Have decided his live acoustic performances are what's worth the download time. I now own this excellent live performance of Neon. Jia now thinks the two men in my life are John Mayer and Legolas. *ahem* I would be a lucky girl.
* Brain was still a *beeping* mess. Decided the best way to spend the time would be to print Criminal's Module 3 readings. Did that.
* Painted nails while waiting for cases and stuff to print. I haven't done any art in a while, so this was a bit of a release.
* Read a grand total of ONE contract case. Nice going, En Ying.
* Vowed to self that another holiday would not be spent in such a useless manner.
* Watched TV. My self-restraint is obviously a joy to behold.
* Attempted to bind Criminal readings. Binder got stuck. &$@&#^))*@^. Mum had to unscrew half of it to get it out and tear the readings that got stuck. Had to re-print the torn readings. ^%@*&)$@*.
* Got fed-up of how the day had gone. Read 8-days and went to bed.


* Woke up feeling a little less grumpy than yesterday. Contract lecture sitting next to Winston _again_. Heh. This time he alternated between colourfully cursing the lecturer and doodling things on my notes. The elephant he drew looked suspiciously like the sponge thingie I put between my toes when painting them yesterday.
* Legal Theory was actually fun today! And Dr Ramraj says he's marked 15 essays and was impressed. I don't know what to think.
* Spent the afternoon working on the Criminal Assignment. At least I'm making progress. Not bad, not bad.
* Rehearsal. TC has some interesting ideas, but I think those ideas are best left alone till the performance. Beck and Siti were the only other ones rehearsing today. Heh, it was quite nice working seriously and hard the whole day. General reminder issued to not be so "cerebral" - ah, I agree. Amazingly, TC said "good rehearsal" at the end of the day. WOAH. I don't think he's ever said anything like that before. Ave was like, what did you do, give him flowers? I think all he really wants is for us to take things seriously and give him effort.
* Arranged mugging session with Gnet! Yay!

That's it. Am exhausted. Night.

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