Friday, 27th February '04

Soft Addictions

Here I go, another aimless musing-Musing.

Read this article about soft addictions, the essence of which was that we all have soft addictions, things like surfing the net, browsing magazines, watching TV excessively that deprive us of appreciating the fullness of life. I guess that does make sense if, really, that is really all there is to someone's life.

But the article went on to say that these things are no good, we shouldn't be using them to escape from life. It basically purported to say that people who like to go shopping shouldn't - they should go walking in garden and rose-smelling instead. That people who read magazines shouldn't - they should go pick up a Penguin classic instead. That people who like to watch TV with their family shouldn't - they should be having heart-to-heart talks instead.

Excuse me if I say that I find that rather presumptious. Who is this author to go around telling people how to live their lives? Firstly, one man's meat is another's poison, they always say. I have friends who gain so much joy from reading what I think are trashy romance novels. Am I going to tell them to stop wasting their time on these soft addictions and go walk in the garden instead, when walking in the garden might just give some of them pollen allegies? Don't be ridiculous. Or so what if I happen to think sittting in front of the TV makes me happy - as it does? I wouldn't have my command of the English language without Sesame Street, I swear. And my Chinese would be abysmal without the cheesy Channel 8 dramas I watched in primary school. And for families that watch TV together, and share their responses and views on what they've seen - isn't that as great a way of fostering relationships and understanding your loved ones as anything else? What does the author propose we do? Go "Honey, let's have a good dicussion about the issue of capital punishment today, shall we?" Oh, come on.

The fact is, mindless distractions are fine things if taken in moderation. I know the author doesn't mean that we should eschew such things totally, but she does imply that such soft addictions are inherently worthless activities. I dare her to give her TV observations to people who have given their lives to the art of television production.

So, yeah, I'll do what I want as long as it makes me happy, thanks.

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